stupidpunkgirl you used to buy me my coffee at denny's
we'd sit and talk
you didn't like going there so much
but you did, for me
i wore your hoodie while waiting for meghan
and you wanted to leave because of shakespeare
i want you to be there again
and i'll pay for my own coffee
shadowfang_69@hotmail It's a nice place. I take my grandma there everytime I go and visit her. It's the only place she will go eat at. I would like some variety, but I put up with it because she has to put up with me playing weezer or alkaline trio in the car 010610
Aimee nicole keeps telling me how much she'd love to just hang out with me at Denny's and shoot the shit while she smokes cigarettes. That would be really nice if we lived within 20 miles of each other as opposed to two states apart. 010610
*Ziima* omg...their pancakes....*drools* 010721
aimee I wrote "I Love Bobby Evers" in the one in Green Bay... middle bathroom stall!!! 011126
silentbob yahh!!!

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oren Drew_Carey once worked at a Denny's. 060402
whos that lol whats that quote from the movie Smoke Signals...thats about Denny's? its victor talking 070226
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