vicious talk to me
can you listen to me now
do you understand
can you identify? but it's as if you seem to make a small effort
but you bend, you're bending my mind, and you try to suffocate,
smother me
covered so i can't breathe
we collapse our weakened hands fall together at once abandoned
they'll fore you down and strap you in, now we agree and

speak slowly
you gotta get it all out now
what are you saying?
just remember we will always be here...just in case you have been
waiting, waiting to show us something or give us some sign.
as if you're gonna suffocate, smothering
covered so you can't breathe

gently lure your submission
all the while suspicion grows
so be sick of listening
to senile old and staggering naive youth
pick us up when we fall down

lizard last night, i laid there on my bed. plastered beyond belief, bleeding all over myself. like some shitty piece of roadkill that life decided to cast aside. broken, exposed, empty.
when i see myself for what i really am, breathing seems the hardest labor of all.
burden Drown yourself to learn what you hold dearest. 010506
Freak You saw that I was drifting away so you suffocated me even more causing me to sprint completly out of your existance. 020501
whitechocolatewalrus you're drowning in your own oblivion. 031218
monika You suffocate my thoughts in my sleep
I can only think of your treason
the one that has yet to be awknowledged by you
unhinged sometimes i wake up in the night
and i feel like i can't breathe

my lungs pull the air in and out
but it feels like not enough
like my little bronchial sacs don't fill up enough
like there isn't enough oxygen

i feel like the mountains tower over me
and steal my oxygen
i hate this feeling
of not enough
of suffocating, drowning

i have always been afraid of this
born five weeks early
cause i was suffocating myself in the womb
the cord wrapped around my neck
but my lungs weren't done
for 12 days separated from my mother
machines breathing for me

i wake up in the night sometimes
and it feels like i can't breathe
gaping like a
the way their gills would flap open
on the deck of the little pier
randomly flapping and flopping
and sometimes the survival instinct worked
flopping right off the deck back into the water

i feel like the clouds are on top of me
bearing down
stealing my oxygen
unhinged . 150331
unhinged i wasn't imagining things; asthma of the lungs, asthma of the soul 151203
what's it to you?
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