Xipe Totec Mic'tlan
Xipe Totec Sheol
sykoze "drive boy
dog boy
dirty numb angel boy..."

-underworld, born slippy
distorted tendencies "Where are we going? Where are you taking me?"
"To an Underworld."
"Yes, My Underworld."
philip shady, shadow, lost screams, horror in piles, dark water, seeping cracks, lost mines, tunnels, darkness, smokey black mirrors, breathing world, teeth, the world, underworld, the pig killing pig, roasting fire. Underworld, voices, dimensions, reality, lost souls, important steps, people down there, roasting away. 020212
sabbie digging a hole
into the frozen ground
with your bare hands
the cold dirt
shoves it's way under broken fingernails

clear out the loose dirt
and pour in the black blood
and the moonlight white milk

then sit back on your heels
and wait
User24 dunno if you've had it for months over in the USA, but it's just come out in UK, and it's an awesome flick. 031010
reue bout a month now, and yes its awesome... one i'm definatly going to have to own :) 031010
superleni really? i just thought it was another vampire flick in which the twists weren't really wowing; the heroine factor and clothes and boots were tops and some of the fighting was good but I kinda got a bit bored; it didn't really stand out. i thought it lacked a certain unnameable gothic essence that dracula or the crow or undead or dark city had. i'd like to hear why anyone thought it was great. i liked the moral about not fighting over small differences, and the bit where the blond toy-girl leapt catlike to the ceiling and hissed so winsomely; i would be very sad if such movies were not made, even not quite A grade ones. 040201
u24 oh, sure, it was no dracula, but at least it wasn't another blade. 040202
u24 and boy did the ending make me laugh.

*stand up*
*slide off*
*me and linds silently cracking up in the cinema.*
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