allie i am the apparition of angst thrice displaced
yet i am not angry
& rare that i am
because it is not part of who i am
or am thought to be
but i HAVE stared the modern age in the eye
and spat there quite convincingly
i have a certain charm
all my own
cold tea Sweatin it out in Charm City
Poe's town's all harborfront and
homicides faked and filmed
The real ones hiding
in alleys, boarded up buldings
We come out of basements
for saltwater air.
Zed And we get wrapped up in it
In being IT
Charm, charming and ever so
ever so much

ooh la la.
jordy where is fancy breed? in the heart or in the head? 011120
phace how much do you need to be prince charming? 020103
JJ cockiness horniness and remarks made 020814
thieums My lucky charm's long worn out now
I left it out in the wild
My lucky charm's long gone by now
It disappeared overnight
My love was deep in sorrow
I didn't have the strength to smile
My love was dying inside out
All I could do was moan and cry
what's it to you?
who go