birdmad joy 010211
xipe totec shadowplay 010211
girl " a loaded gun wont set u free, so u say"
joy division =)
* bell. 010823
god scrotum dangle furiously undermined the recent jargon infiltrating your frozen wasteland of cool bikes. 011230
Mahayana: Zakah: Sangha Jewels of Refuge di vision
[the act of wanting to see the world through the eyefull souls of princess dianna [after mother t of course], if even for one day, just to know, just to know, what she thought/felt/wondered about life & why she was so depressed... perhaps than... i could have at least tried to send what would have taken some of the saddness away... maybe i even couldnt do that... but that doesnt mean I stil wouldnt want to try]
amy this way of uniting things is really, in the end, not that fun. (is it?) 020815
devilbunny Division is always follwed by a conquering. 061110
what's it to you?
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