Quintessensual All the Rest

Have you ever touched
a dark, red rose
peeping out a white?
Or looked up to lick
a delicious cherry
on a gorgeous lilly?
And then watched the pretty beam
thrown by a strawberry
alive, half drowned
in luscious cream?
Or seen rich ruby bursting
from a pure, smooth pearl,
no matter the angle
or line of view?
So like this
is each neat niplet
of her breasts
and yes yes
all the rest.

Copyright 1997
birdmad exactly 000423
birdmad pushing against the constrant of the fabric that sheltered them, you had to know i noticed and does it surprise you that it sent my imagination reeling 000501
fairydust being a fairy, mine are pink of course. 000502
franig explore 000509
MollyCule hurts like hell when you pay some guy $45 to shove sharp metal rods through them 000521
grendel Magnets, anyone? 000521
gregg in my humble opinion are much nicer when un-pierced, though the opposite is true for ears and navels... 000521
littleblueperson nice 000703
silentbob God, i love them 001217
Rhin I absolutely love the fact, that I can reach my nipples, with my own tongue. Ohhh...the many, many joys of having full breasts, and perky nipples. Now if only I could just reach my &*%$#!!! 001217
j_blue my ex enjoys them, i guess 001217
j_blue i mean my babies 001217
misstree when pierced, such an interesting area... so sentitive, and the feel of metal on teeth... the rings are the link between myself and the world, a bit of beauty i will always carry proudly... 001217
tourist I used to carry around a pocket knife and whittle all the time,
turning wood into whatever I could find, locked inside the grain there.
For about a year all I'd find were nipples.
Round and firm,
hollowed spoonlike on the backside
to nicely fit the fingers.
Luckily they always came in pairs,
attached at the rims till I set them free. I'd sand them nice and smooth and give them away for free.
Saying something corny like
"don't take any wooden nipples."
Thyartshallshant I wish i could reach MY nipples! Damn you, Rhin, DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! *pulls out gun* *shifts stare down to own nipples* AND YOU! You, you little red sonsabitches! You think you can walk right outta here UNSCATHED! *cruel laugh* HA! Well you thought wrong you perky BITCHES! *brings one nipple into sights with the gun* HA, well il have the last laugh here! *places sure finger on trigger* You thought all your tiny lives that you would die WITH ME! Well, il show you how wrong you were!!!*mad laugh* DAMN YOU LITTLE RED TORPEDOES!!!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!
*hands shake*
*finger unsure*
.................... *the gun slips in his sweat-soked hand just slighty, causeing his tence finger to pull the trigger, shooting bullet directly into heart, killing him*

Pretty dramatic for a story about nipples, eh?
Boogaloo A breast without a nipple would be nothing but a blob of fat, Frank Zappa said. 001230
Rhin True! But they would still have that little thing called: 'The Bounce Factor'! Don't you just love to watch them in action?! 001230
Thyartshallshant I'm not emabaraced to say nip-less boobs is sorta funny, and hot. *shrugges shoulder* 001230
misstree *contemplates nipple-less boobs*
*thinks of Mechanical Animals cd cover*

mmmm... nekkid nipples...

the kind of smooth androgyny... all the round swell without the weird-looking little tips. Sign me up for the fan club.
Thyartshallshant Theres a fanclub??? Where! *looks around*... *looks down*... *sees no nipples* Oh, i must be it! 001231
COLDandBLUEkitty me and emily were going to get them pierced today.
emily called and asked what age they pierced at..
"16, would you like to make an appointment"
yah, me and a friend want to get our nipples done.
"oh, you have to be 18 for nipple and genital piercings"

so emily bought an 84 dollar plaid dress and i bought a DK shirt and black bondage pants and LOTS of pez dispencers.

today was a day on emily..
and cornerstone will be on ME!!
DailyAllowance I met a pair who were kind of big and puffy, and I thought to myself, "Man! I LOVE these!!"

Then, I met a pair who were kind of tiny and petite, and I thought to myself, "Man! I love these, too!"

Am I just too easy to please?
ginger tease through taut fabic and make any man crazy.

feed my children
creamy white drops
rivulets under my arm pits
she pulls them first
then begins to nurse
Iggy Pop via satellite "They hurt! Gawwwwwd!"
(At the age of twelve, they were removed. As a result, subsequent sexual conquests were less painful)
Scott moan loudly please ! 010418
surrealchereal oh how could i not moan
i am so loud.
i cried and cursed,
when you took that needle
and those round things
i'm not your fucking slave
you silly naive,
i loved my breasts one of
the only things i had
i don't own them now
and i don't know who
just not you
i'm going to die, soon
i can tell.
rubydee they have changed color
since the baby has been "in the oven"
from light pink and smallish
to deep plum and making their presence known
through all but the thickest cotton t's
i had to buy a bra
for the first time in 24 years
this past saturday
their inappropriate attention-seeking
at work
making me uncomfortable
and the male counterparts giddy
ClairE Breasts would not be the same without them.
I think that's a good thing.

At my friend Lisa's fourteenth birthday party, our white friend Kate and Pakistani friend Aisha met. Somehow we found out Aisha thought everyone's nipples were brown, while Kate had thought everyone's were pink.
Girls need to watch more porn.

(Mine are brown and large. I miss a mouth on them. I can reach mine, but I've never found it good to bite your own nipples. Not really.)
Let's not overlook the male nipple. I know I don't! (Most guys are pleasantly surprised.)
ClairE My left one just itched. 011212
Beniamino Ìç ìå áããßæåéò èçëÞ! 020406
she so there was, like, this one time when I drank a half a bottle of Parrot Bay by myself and got totally smashed.

When smashed I have a tendency to take my clothes off, and since I wasn't wearing a bra to begin with, things got kinda rowdy.

Anyways I ended up passing out eventually. When I woke up the next morning, my nipples were sore, so I rolled over and asked Sean why.

Donkey did it, was all he said.

Donkey of all people!
jessicafletcher i, too, am among those of you who can reach them. now don't you all wish that your mouth on them could feel as good as someone else's? it looks kind of cool though.
i have nipples, but my areolas are disappearing from vitiligo. it's kind of sexy now because i have these huge tits and tiny nipples, though. ryan likes em. i think i should take some polaroids though so i'll remember what they looked like before i started losing pigment.
all in all, i think that nipples are beautiful. i like to suck on a pair myself occasionally (ryan's)
good people mmm... nipple.
nice and perky, making their pressence known even through your bra. pretty boobies... fun to touch.. more fun to lick. i know you liked it... that was some heavy breathing.
p2 Greg Focker: You can milk just about anything with nipples.
Jack Byrnes: I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?
- Meet the Parents
god there should be nipples on everything 030522
jane the nipple makes the breast. if the nipples are covered with pasties, the breasts sometimes don't have to be censored on tv. why is that? shouldn't it be the breast in its entirety? then where do you draw the cleavage line? can't they just show boobs and vaginas and penises on tv? we know they're there. and they can show asses. what the hell is the point 030523
niska is pro nipple yeah, i don't get that either. how does the nipple make the entire breast? you could show the whole boob, but no actual nipple and it's NOT as scanty as nipple? nipple is porno?

without nipple, there would be no human beings alive on the planet. we all had to come from something non 'playtex', kids...

nipple isn't porno. nipple is life.
nomatter please boys pay them more attention. 031026
smurfus rex i shall do my best. 031026
ambermoon pinch them
lick them
bite them
anonymous -_-

I don't get it. I know in my heart if Jesus existed he would give me a clue. I am not talking about some old book with scary stories - I mean he would really get down with me and chill!

But the funny thing is...
I was walking home a few days ago passed the ghetto and three guys pulled me into an ally so deep and narrow it was like a tunnel. When I saw the first guy start to unzip his pants I just drop to my knees and started praying. Oh GOD! Oh GOD! oh GOD!

He just looked down at me and pulled out his nasty weenie and said - yah grl that's jus wherr I wans ya ta b. Then he tore at my t-shirt until my breasts where exposed. Then pinched my nipple soooo hard with a twist I almost fainted.

I could smell his stinky crotch as he pulled me near. I wanted to scream -- but all I do was whisper. No lord, please no.

Then I heard a whoop whoop cop car thingie sound and saw a bright light shine at the end of the tunnel. Next thing I knew they all ran like roaches when you turn on the light.

OK so -- it was no burning bush but it sure saved mine! Perhaps I'll have to reconsider this thing called faith!

wow some people are fucking stupid must be at lest 18 to get your nipples pierced.

so emily bought an 84 dollar plaid dress and i bought a DK shirt and black bondage pants and LOTS of pez dispencers.

^^Wow, you're a dumbass

So you ran around town buying expensive brand name shit to create your little "punk rock" image all in one day and now you can't get your nipple pierced. boo fucking hoo
Go back and put on some tight skanky ass pants and a your little paul frank top that doesn't fit you, with some designer name chi chi ass shit...

you know jackshit about counterculture ...
im_you_with_a_twist~ whos fucking stupid?
hes mine goddamit!
blather chronology check As an aside, the blathe about not being able to get nipple piercings and going out and buying gear instead was written 3 years ago 040615
dosquatch Cool, that means they're pierced by now... let's see 'em! 040615
Syrope i'm still working on the courage for clamps

i've been into the colors recently, how they darken when i'm aroused

i put on lipstick too darkly this morning, on purpose
silentbob she got them pierced in my presense for free from a boy 040616
shivers penisez analkizz

long story :)
venerable monster tongue circling, suck, bite (ever so slightly) 070719
YOKE useless !


see what happened was, your nipples developed before your genitals, you were supposed to be a girl, get over it, frustrated that you are NOT having the orgasms that you were supposed to therefore you must go to war !

Kundalini - you must learn it, designed for men you see, find the base and join in. back bone is number one, keep it straight and the energy will produce a crown for you.
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