anti-social butterfly any of you ever been to south_street? that place rocks. i want to go back to philly so badly so i can get some good thrift and vintage clothing again. if only i had the money. some of those stores are simply amazing. and of course we can't for get the deadmilkmen and zipperhead. 011127
Mandijabster philadelphia is a great city! ok so we dont have the greatest music talents....but but..weve got the eagles and the flyers : \ ..umm..and the phillies..and umm cheesesteaks! the good kind! not those cheap imitations made from goose meat! and twas once our nations capital, and the liberty bell is here...and two blocks from that is taco bell. LOOK AT ALL THE BENEFITS! WOW! 031207
oldephebe philly in da hizouse!! Like WHOE!!

blue collar concrete fists town. Not the city of brotherly love but we are some rabid sports fans who applaud the ol' blue collar work ethic. Our mayor is a megalomaniac and inept. His race doesn't matter, he's not out for the brother's or the sister's or anyone one else but himself!!! Throat punch!!!
FA113N Could I love you any more? Now that you're gone?

You were so, so very right
unhinged veggie philly and fried

my new junk food obsession
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