typhoid shall we make this a joint venture?
and how often is a union ever really just between two?
marjorie i wouldn't dare to leave without you
wouldn't dare to stop your foot
wouldn't dare to sit before you
and claim that i do not care if you are here
because i do
because you are part of me
and our union is not one that i will easily relinquish
no matter how much you want me to disappear
1 Unity makes us strong 020201
sisyphus There ain't nothin' to it, just put on some blue and march to Richmond. 060111
underneath the stars we've voted in favour of striking but not "to strike". a large margin separated the yes from the no when the ballots were tallied but i wonder how many "yes" votes were like mine, hesitant and reaction to the management, not in favour of the union. 061021
what's it to you?
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