Raina The nickname I gave to the one who baffles and intrigues me at the same time.
Would have to read his words twice or more to truly grasp his meanings.
Wanting to know the secrets of the cryptkeeper.
Yes, I stalk, but I am extremely harmless.
Kami Khazay my great friend, scratch that, my good friend from school wanted to rhyme, his name was "catalyst" he was cool as shit, had this ill way of tagging his a's in an upside down loop.

i miss him. he's still living and all, but not actually, like, his body is alive, but the person that was a catalyst to conversations past has passed on along time ago. a woman and a red acura and some greek letters and some nyquil did it to him.

funny, anything can be a spark, but not much can be our light, i find the first easily and search for the latter.

in conversation of sparks, stimulants and tangents...rain just does something to me i guess.
Barrett chips,
candlewax on the nipples?
Raina such a strange creature indeed. 001002
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