deb i wake each morning
dreading the feel of being alone

the cat whines for food
and i check when i need to be at work
and the day flows
monotonously by
as i watch for you
to appear, somehow,
just around the bend-
my heart pauses anxiously
(yes, mine)
though i know you won't be there,
i come home each night,
fingers crossed
and somehow i fall asleep,
aching emptily without you here...

eight and a half months
and we'll be married.
just eight and a half.
but how long is that in this
droning eternity?

girl_jane I wonder if they'll notice I'm gone... 020215
sylphide I wonder if you heard my absent heart. Beating, breathing from my lips as i bowed to kiss you goodnight, and vowed my heart would not love another. 030423
trippingdaisy i always wondered if they'd notice if i was gone too.
then i found out they didn't.

it's a lonely existence when you realize that everyone you know has someone more important to them than you.
Dragonflye After you left
I wanted to take off my clothes
and crawl between your sheets,
but I controlled myself.
I did sleep with your pillow.
Each time I found one of your hairs
on my bed, in the shower,
I tossed it aside with studied indifference,
resisting the urge
to horde them in a little box,
a piece of you to be mine forever
forcing myself
to start letting you go.
what's it to you?
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