unreal Should Blather have one? 051017
monkey out in space no. it should be an absolutist monarchy with me as THE KING.


ok, maybe not but can i at least run for elections?
"God" OOps...

... across_the_Universe of the Blather Spaces... 051017
mos provided we grant a constitution based on the founding principles of blather:

"blather is words. bunches of words, strewn about in a twisty tangly web of pontification, insight and nonsensical delight."

then perhaps my proposed legislation will be unconstitutional in principle, that is to ban any blathes devoid of anything at all...even nonsense, such as the blathes of this kx21 person.

really, legislations should be passed if they promote the overall good of the community and in this case i doubt any one here needs kx21's links to other links that take you nowhere. such links tell us nothing of what's in kx’s mind, even if it were nonsense. therefore they are pointless and unimportant however, obstructing and undesirable. it's like pollution.
unreal Okay, if we stick with the original ideas, then we should only allow nonsense which is delightful. Therefore, I propose we start a committee to investigate what is and isn't considered delightful. 051018
mike checkuh what_is_justice 051018
what's it to you?
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