unhinged so maybe taking god out of schools IS a little extreme but....

making laws and threatening to make constitutional amendments to ban people in this country from doing things you think are 'sinful' forcing your religious beliefs on the rest of the country through your law-making policy is fucking UNCONSTITUTIONAL people.

and to think that all the conservative right-wing nutjobs that came over here and called themselves pilgrims back in the day where themselves fleeing religious persecution and wanted a quiet place to practice their religion without persecution or fear of conversion.

you can't save my soul if i don't want you to....catch me if you can fucktards.
Tostada al Sadr The irony of the same people who claim to hate "big intrusive government" wanting to make sure that the government enforces a particular religious precept at the level of trying to have it written into the constitution just completely astonishes me.

Ok, so, lemme see, we don't wasnt the government telling business that they have to pay decent wages or provide a safe working environment, but we do want federal sex police creeping around makling sure that theres no buttfucking going on.

we don't want government telling business that they can't poison the land the air and the water, but we do want them to make sure that gay couples have no domestic partner rights under the law.

mmm, so apparently , The Free-market Jesus demands that we be profitable before and above all else.

unhinged it's the_religion_of_capitialism in a christian_nation

there is and never will be any morality when it comes to making money
unhinged .

and somehow everyone having affordable access to a doctor is unconstitutional now
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