somebody neither law nor suggestion, principle is the core of right and the stalwart enemy of wrong...nothing is more specific and yet universally applicable than a principle (i.e. "love thy neighbor"...principle.... don't kill, suppose you don't kill him but you shame him to the point he kills you love him so much?) 000915
kx21 Principle of Cause & Effect

Present Effects are the function of Past Causes and
Future Effects are the function of Present Causes.

What are the chances to have the best possible Causes for the present and the ideal Effects for the future???
Syrope how the fuck am i ever supposed to win an argument? have an idea? prove you wrong? have i ever been able to do something on my own account?

when a girl hasn't hit puberty yet, her ideas are discounted because she's so inexperienced, sheltered, spoiled.

when she hit's puberty, suddenly it's funny to chalk everything she feels up to PMS

just when that's gotten old, it's "she's trying to survive in a man's world" so obviously she can't be taken seriously

when she's finally reached an old age, should have gained some respect, it's time for menopause. almost as entertaining as the PMS excuse. almost.

did you ever just once in your pathetic existence stop to think that maybe just because you have a pair of testicles you don't automatically get everything you want? that one day you're going to take some woman's idea as your own and she's going to feed you those balls with a fork?

kx21 To_be_precise:-

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