donaldson i is for ink,
what rhymes with ink?
gaudior soft spoken words spilled out carelessly, so carelessly
and they mar my ivory double bond legal size soul beyond repair
sean ink is the most beautiful thing in existence... (along with exageration, that is). it allows people to express themselves with such ease. may i present... expression: ... mmwah! 000125
like rain. dry caking to the inside of my pen coagulating and sticking into nothingness and emptiness and when the cartridge is useless and it has all been poured away the world is no better for it and it is lost in the emptiness of the air like a vacuum that desecrates and destroys my thoughts into everyday nothingness archetypal mundaneness making me see myself for who i really am

everybody's nobody
jestification i love you...i need you...please give me...
on my fingers, injected under my cutaneous layers....
flowing from my pen.
celebration of you.
celebrating through you.
recording memories with you and infinite symbols.
thank you for your existance.
i'm always speechless...
it's always beautiful.
xyz A villainous compound of tannogallate of iron, gum-arabic and water, chiefly used to facilitate the infection of idiocy and promote intellectual crime.

-Devil's Dictionary
RedDragon Yup, I can see that. 040207
Rachel Smeared black ink...
All these voices won't let me think.
The broken glass lays on the floor
The black puddle is growing more

My world is colored black and white
I can't seem to find what's right
But it doesn't matter anymore
I leave this place; walk out the door.
smurfus rex I got ink done on my right shoulder 040330
pete this ink marks my clothes,
stains my soul
beneath the outer shell
which is shown to the world.

hidden away the day goes on
hiding from the light
and the presence of all life.

perhaps the way will open forward
allow the winds to breathe
through the valleys where the rivers run
uplifting the world we think we see.

it hollows inside the darkness,
away to where i hide my sacred light
it seks to violated the premsises
which have so long remained clean

sacrilige on the high front,
a shadow over all gods
forever and a day no more
together as the air breathes in
lost when it exhales at last

nothing really questions here
reality is what it is,
until the truth cannot be seen true
through the words we all love so dear
this little journey we go on,
all from that spilt ink

spilt ink upon a page
scribbling out the memoirs of past lives
and future's poets tales.
singing together our voices
put shame to those
assembled when this earth was made,
together and never
and always between
words all jumble together
and thoughts become unclean.
somebody where would we be without it? 040401
becca this night is ink
drinking me in
surrounding me
folding in over me

so black here
can't move
can't breathe
can't sleep

come home baby...
I'm sinking...
damn poker
I need you
unhinged yes, i think it's more than time for some new_ink 070114
olive when octopussys are scared ink floods around there bodies making the water around them black.
when my pussy is scared too, ink floods around my body making the bed around me black.
what's it to you?
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