startfires the cheifs lost again. i fucking hate football. except when my team wins. 001205
Clarey I take offence at lots of things. I try not to. But I have lots of things to take offence at 030106
puredream I think, on wait, I DO, take offense to everything you say. I'm so insecure around you. Bare. And arg. 040624
Borealis you really shouldn't
if I have EVER even subconsciously meant you to take offense to something I've said, its because I find it infinitely worse in myself.

and you come across as too steady to be phased by something such as:
"you're so weird"
which in all honesty is a little more endearing than you may think.
check that.
than you DO think.

do you think I would put up with someone who was perpetually stuck to the beaten path?
pete i can't believe how offended my roomates vetoing my food plans without discussing me made me. 040920
what's it to you?
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