Death of a Rose obliterate your senses,
confiscate hidden knives,
barrel roll over the falls,
populate a city with your pain.
Frank why not, explosion seems healthy at the time of the action but the after effects are horrible on you and the ones around be carefull...god im retarded 041013
suicidalchinadoll pop rocks and slurpee!
its a party in your mouth!

JdAwG Kablam motherfucker.

Is it over yet?

No. There are many more to come.
unhinged i always read the headlines at the vending machine on 3rd and pine. i stooped to study the picture more closely but there were too many people. it was definitely a picture of 85th and greenwood. but i couldnt quite recall it. i know your work was nearby though.

are you and your peeps ok? i want to email you. i want to know...if you're alive. after the way we left things, im afraid it would seem weird if i contacted you now, years later.
what's it to you?
who go