silentbob ravioli spaghetti lasagna linguine
things that involve noodles. i prefer red sauce.
Ariadani mmm. homemade pasta is best.

i used to have a friend whose mom made homemade pasta. it was so good, and they always had me over for dinner.

but my friend and i had a fight, and she became someone that i didnt want to associate myself with.

now, my friend's mom works at the school cafeteria in the highschool i go to. she says hi to me whenever i go up to get lunch. it makes me sad that after this year, ill probably never see her again.

i miss my friend as she used to be.
and i miss the homemade pasta.
lynduzu i made pasta with a friend once too, spinach and ricotta ravioli,
it took hours,
the place was a mess,
it tasted good but hardly touched the my sides.
We don't talk any more- maybe its the home made pasta that's the problem or maybe its me,
hopefully though its him.
Al Capone Pasta, n. : what Italian computer scientists do after copya something with their mouse. 040414
white_wave Quick! Distract him with a mostaccioli! 040414
grads I like pasta with big meatballs.
The wind is blowing.
Life expands like the volumnious sleeve of a sleeping wizard.
what's it to you?
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