unhinged yep...i got accepted. i'm going for five weeks to play my violin and drink beer and have fun and play my violin some more. i can't wait. it's like five weeks away and until then i'm going to be working and playing my violin and working some more. i can tell already this is going to be a very relaxing summer. 010513
kingsuperspecial milwaukeeis a word that always stumps me, because for some reason it has middle-child connotations for me, it's like someone says, "hi, im a lesbian" and i start smelling gym socks and seeing webvans in fishnets or something, i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please just ignore me. 010730
god milwaukee, for me, was like swimming through a sea of peanut butter. lots of work, but you don't have to stop to eat. 010731
unhinged hot humid
rich bitches from texas
rubix cubes solved in under 2 minutes
the dvorak american
hot humid
joints on the grassy knowl
panther piss
those damn shoes
starbucks and lixx
thai food on farwell
the infamous masterclass
drama drama drama
more drama
the fourth of july
drinking games at john's
and the ghetto_bong meets the trash chute
and the weed runs out too
so it's back to codiene and vodka
this hall looks like a wedding cake
stage parents
lake michigan
the shostakovich piano quintet
unhinged i put the application in the mail today

i don't know if i want to come back
girl_jane I was there the first weekend in April for a choir trip. It was ok. I liked some of the things we did...I want to work at Ed Debevic's 020423
Mahayana & i have been exclusive for 26 years nOw[very unswerving & dependable]on the contrary when you fall over in love you contemplate leave-taking & i have & i am taking into consideration not being so relentless nor devoted anymore

[my dedications now dwell elsewhere]
Arwyn It's a love hate relationship with Milwaukee for me. It's a cool place to party, I'm going to summerfest... but I've avoided it for the last 4 years. Why? Cause my grandpa nearly died there, and because of the treatment he had there, He ended up dying anyways. I think it's time i went back. 020425
Mahayana its 9:30ish and its 87degrees

[come on now, im all sweaty and i still have soooooo much to do tonight]:please heat goddesses tone it down a bit:
Mahayana *9:30ish PM 020630
devalis center of the best memories of my life. and man, they have the best custard! 021006
unhinged i miss it so much; everything about it. playing good music in an awesome group; i've never had more fun in a quartet than i did with dan, jake, and charlotte. i miss the pleasant energy that was there this year. oh and i definitely miss the thai food. i am having periodic cravings that keep getting stronger and stronger and taking longer to subside. i miss having a soulmate like i did when i was there. i miss hanging out with the cool high school kids. i miss being happy like i was when i was there. i think that is why i'm having such a hard time with my depression right now. it had been a long time since i had been as happy as i was in milwaukee. i think you would be afraid to see me now nicole. you probably wouldn't recognize me. 021006
IWishICouldGoWithDavid This city is a whole new desire for me. 030106
minnesota_chris we're going to make our dreams come true, doing it our way... 030107
found it! witness that KSS got in on the action, as well. such blathes are apparently quite popular. 070224
unhinged dead empty city. hard to find a job; mainly because people that have them have three of them to keep their expensive condos and cars while there are neighbors who can't even eat. don't talk to strangers. they'll hurt you. avoid eye contact. you might have to care otherwise. don't be different. you'll end up a novelty or alone. don't be dark and heavy in a land of blonde and skinny. the predators assume you are vulnerable. with a minimal amount of charm, you become an easy lay, not an arm trophy worth telling the friends about. don't be talented. people will use you. they will keep you in their back pocket for a rainy day and tell you you deserve better when you get so lonely you settle for the lowest common denominator. sister, friend, coworker equals not lover. and they bounce off to their other better things to come back when they need something. the midwest is a dying cutthroat blackhole. no more heart in the heartland. it all got washed away. 080621
unhinged (and of course it was always a puritanical heart at best. one of these things is not like the other; point and snicker and stare) 080621
unhinged riverwest hip_hop


'bad news and good dope....

i came here to win so i'm not here to play'
unhinged i really don't miss you

a new horrifying story to add to the mix:

she called him 'you need to come down here. something is wrong. i've only had two beers but i'm really wasted. something is wrong.'

when he walked in he noticed the coke/heroin dealer from the neighborhood hanging all over her, kissing on her. when he tried to take her away the dealer's friends literally pushed him out onto the street. he called the bartender and asked him to keep her safe.

she was raped by the dealer and two of his friends. they had dumped heroin into her beer and she was so wasted she was barely conscious. she didn't come down til three days later. only then did she remember. he took her to the hospital but the rape kit turned up no evidence. too late, too many days passed, she took a shower. there was no evidence.

when the cops went to the bar to question everyone, they all sided with the dealer and his friends. they said she was flirting with him. that she was complicit and agreeing to everything that happened, that no one saw a struggle. (of course she didn't struggle). all those assholes were too afraid that their supply would get cut off if dude got caught.

the cop that questioned the dealer told her that the dealer was an upstanding citizen (his parents are rich *shrugs*) and the case was basically dropped for lack of evidence.

she tried to kill herself, but fortunately or unfortunately based on your perspective, she was unsuccessful.

i used to hang out in that neighborhood all the time. i was acquainted with the dealer and all the people that stood up for him. i'm disgusted. even though my move to seattle hasn't been easy, i'm grateful that i had the balls to leave.
unhinged . 140713
unhinged fuck

i hope you and your family are ok genea
unhinged but let me give a little context to all the whitey whites that keep blaming this on black lives matter

after the 2010 census, milwaukee was STATISTICALLY the most segregated city in america. decades and generations of people have been engineered into poverty by the city and state governments. the black people on the north side of milwaukee have lived with systemic housing and education discrimination that keeps them trapped in poverty and trapped on welfare. the incarceration rate of blacks in milwaukee is obscene.

one of my earliest memories of milwaukee is watching the news in my new studio apartment on prospect ave and the swollen face of a beaten and hospitalized black man was on the tv. he was beat up by OFF DUTY police for being black in a white neighborhood. his family had to go to a federal court for anyone to even admit that what those cops did to him was wrong. i'm not taking about charges, i am talking about court after court after judge after judge said there was absolutely no abuse of position or power in what the cops did to that man while they weren't even on duty. (he was hospitalized for several weeks. both of his eyelids were swollen shut and his lip was busted open. broken limbs...the shit was kicked out of him)

that man is murdered in st paul by police at a traffic stop which is a long drive away.

i do not blame that man for running when he got pulled over by cops in milwaukee.

while i don't get rioting at all, i am not surprised someone set a gas station on fire. it is the goddamn 21st century and it's like civil rights never even happened on the north side of milwaukee.
unhinged 'while a handful of areas in milwaukee are no longer majority black high-poverty areas, large parts of the city's north side have been added; all in all, the number of milwaukee's african american residents living in areas of concentrated poverty grew by 36,000 between 2000 and 2015, while the percentage of all african americans living in those areas grew from 46% in 2000 to 58%, or well over half, by 2015.' - allan mallach 180815
unhinged come on brewers 181018
nr here now
i always type it like “milkwaukee”
i haven’t been (and probably won’t be) here long enough to form an opinion, but so far it seems not totally unlike chicago
arwyn I haven't been here in ages. I avoid it, but when I was a kid my school used to make our annual field trip to the history museum. Every. Year. Eventually, I knew the museum by heart and I would wander off. I liked the Old Milwaukee exhibit the best. I used to love that field trip.

Later, Milwaukee lost its charm when my Grandpa nearly died in the hospital down there. It was years before I could go there without crying. I still avoid it.
unhinged haven't been back for years
don't really miss it
unhinged (but at least one of the reasons i left is no longer governor) 181118
what's it to you?
who go