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unhinged fucking viola

fucking quartet

fucking cello concerto

celestias shadow yeah, we're playing a dvorak piece in orchestra. one of his symphonies- it's either the 9th or the 5th. i fucking love it. 031013
unhinged well back in the day his interior symphonies were lost so the 5th and the 9th symphony are usually the same piece...being his really famous 'new world' symphony that everyone and their mother plays just cause he wrote it when he was in america. i'm playing the 'american' quartet right now; and except for the cello concerto he wrote in america, all of it slightly inferior stuff. i'd much rather play the 8th symphony any day. 031013
unhinged yeah, and i'm being a pedantic asshole again.

sorry c.s.
celestias shadow yeah, that's the one. i understand what you mean. still, it's a great piece to play with a bunch of other marginally talented (and a few actually talented) teenagers and hear it come together into something good. it's a nice experience. 031014
unhinged it IS a great youth orchestra piece cause it's slightly less complicated than his other stuff and don't get me wrong; i love it. the second movement is good stuff. i just think the whole piece is a little monotonously brooding and depressed. but the guy was longing for home....i guess i can get that.

actually, right now, i REALLY get that. the second movement of the american quartet is some really good stuff too, but i'm a second movement freak. at least dvorak knew how to write viola parts.
ClairE Just brought out the ol' violin and warmed up. I really can't play anymore. But I hurtled myself through the first three movements of the "American" quartet. Now I can't stop whistling and pounding my fingers to the third movement. And the second movement - whew! I only have the second violin part to that movement and it's still fun. I remember being sixteen. 031125
oldephebe while i usually am instantly intrigued by the russian/slavic compositional gestalt that is transmitted..it ah took me a while to develope a taste for dvoraks musical/compositional disposition ...brrrr! I always felt kind of dishelved..kinda disconcerted listening to his work. Kinda jarring. But as I expanded my aesthetic pallet I began to recognize his innovations and compositional imprimature and develope a respect for his work. Play on Claire.

unhinged my quartet experience this semester has ruined that piece for me. the second movement though...so beautiful. god, if only i was in a group with people i could work with.... 031125
andru235 i really like all nine symphonies, but "the_bells_of_zlonice" (#1) is enjoyably repetetive and the finale is excellent. my favorites are the two d minor symphonies, #4 and #7. but i love them all.

also, i really like the piano concerto. it is wonderful, and not polluted by a bunch of empty virtuosic tirades. tres bien.

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