bijou my brother said "when i have kids i want them to play cello in the school band so it will be easy for them to learn to play guitar." i said "what if they hate music?" he said "nobody hates music." 010605
dissonant bird broken in an accident

the violin sold to defray the cost he would not help pay

i heard others say she played quite nicely

she was never convinced

and i was never lucky enough to hear her play
ClairE I can't begin to speak of your beautiful scooped spoon soup bowl shrieking

sonorous deep in the belly


intensely powerful
and dangerous

I saw Beth in concert
and she played some
wonderfully strange
modern piece
and I was simply struck
and afterwards my harmony professor,
who'd made me cry, snuck between the pages
of our conversation
to congratulate her.
sirius As I close my eys in silent prayer
Forgotten tears streaming down my face
I know the music will never stop..

kerry such a beautiful instrument!! 020101
living dead girl I play the violin full-time, but occasionally I play the cello for a change. I think the cello is the most beautiful instrument I have ever heard. 020101
unhinged i'm so proud of you bradley

summer sub for the chicago symphony

playing in that national competition for that guy from rice that you never got to play for cause you goofed off in high school

didn't i tell you along time ago that you were good? :)
KindreDSpirit When, at age eight, I tired of the piano, I chose violin. After fifteen years, I don't remember why, but we have a relationship now, my violin and I.
And yet, when the celli dip their bows into a particularly delicious passage--part of a Dvorak symphony, perhaps, or something by Vaughan Williams?--I feel the sonorous vibrations enter at my toes and travel to the roots of my hair...and I lean my forehead against the scroll of my violin and long for that: to hold the curve of a dark amber instrument between my knees and draw that rich, mellow sound from the strings like water from a well. (Sweeter than water, thicker, more like honey. A treacle well?) I would wear black always, turtlenecks usually. I would be graceful as a Saint-Saens swan. I would play my cello on the hearth of the fireplace that I don't have, and the light of the flames would dance on my hair, on the wood, shining them both into a brilliant burnished copper.
Alas, my hands weren't created for cello. Short fingers, broad palms, lucky to be able to stretch that pinky finger (don't let it collapse, don't let the joint lock up) and travel the neck of my violin with some degree of mediocrity.
But in my dreams I play my cello beneath the stars.
(Shh. I think my violin is jealous.)
silentbob insatiable 020316
rachael ahhh the cello, my favorite..it sounds so human, so passionate 020317
blown cherry I barely play it at all these days, seems too much trouble to unpack it from its case. Disgusting behaviour really.

Each note it produces is a thought drawn out of my chest by the bow.
The deep tremelo seemingly races the blood in my veins.
Dark loud notes filling me up and demanding to be heard.
The harmonics a soft dream I fade away to.

My beatiful beautiful cello.

(Just don't let my piano hear I'm playing favourites)
angie if there was one instrument i could play. it would be the cello. the tones are rich...the mood is heavy...the plucks of strings sound like heaven. the cello. ollec. 020509
mle eleonore is from sweden. i told her i wanted to learn to play the cello. she thought i said i wanted to learn to play the jello. 020921
devalis I always wanted to play the cello. It's so rich and deep and... amazing. It always seemed to me that true musicians were cellists. They play in every clef.

When I was first introduced to stringed instruments I was sure I was going to play the cello. The head of the music department was incompatent and told me that my arms were too long, that I was meant to be a violist. Been playing it ever since.

But in my heart... I'm a cellist.
Cho Lo Such a simple instrument... yet such a beautiful sound. It can dance, sing and inspire. I am so lucky to be a cellist. 031108
athsara misted sun,
an impossible silent train
stacked on a bonflare
oldephebe i remember playing cello in my strings class for music ed

it came kind of easy for me and i've always liked the sound, the bowing facility is probably informed by my training as a percussionist

something about women with rich contralto speaking voices
camille ahhh the instrument i always dreamed to be..

heart strings
jane i always wanted to wrap my legs around the belly of a cello, feeling the deep vibrations on my inner thighs as i slowly swept my forearm across the edge of its torso, with its neck resting lightly on mine 060201
Q ahhh, the instrument I've always taken you to be! 060202
karyn When I was two, my mother (a violin/viola teacher) decided that I would play the violin. I, being the obstinate child I was, refused. I had been to a recital, heard/seen the cello, and wouldn't play anything but that. They told me this later, I don't actually remember choosing cello, but then again, I never remember a time when I did not play it. It's been a part of my life for as far back as I choose to remember, and the rich sweet tones will haunt me forever. I learned to read music before I learned to read, and I am familliar with my cello as I am with my own body. The sound of it is as intimate as my own voice. I am not a prodigy or particularly brilliant on it, but when I play it is with my heart and soul. Live without it? Never have, never will. 060203
unhinged haydn

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