someday*sam writes a sucky verse Among the Goddesses
you would be queen
with your laughter
and love
and beauty
and this
is such smarmy drivvel
to even worship you with
tourist Mother of God! 001123
misstree we will dance by the light of the fire, sweat rolling down as we fling ourselves to wild abandon, and our teeth will glitter as we laugh at the moon.

we will run naked through the woods, feel the earth shake with each joyous leap, steal away your young women and show them the power you hide from them.

we will steal years and fears from your furrowed brow with a kindly smile, a gentle touch and thoughts unnamed. we will devour them and nurture them, harbor your undoing. we will always be goddesses, no matter who you have us worship.
Rhin Me. 001123
Tank the great cunticus in the voidicus is one such incarnation... 010110
spathic i gotcher strong beautiful woman with the secrets of life and death just as natural as breathing Right Here. 031018
sabbie it's only a little head
the white noise is starting to leak through the cracks...
they're dancing in circles
and stomping in packs.
<3 dead purple godess
iridescent silver skin
bruised, spoilt, damaged
what's it to you?
who go