Rhianna the drumming thing

look at the lost man...
studying every passerby,
wondering if i exist.
he dashes through the rain
and something catches his eye.
he whips his head around,
eyes cast in disbelief.
he reaches for the object
with cautious mind and hands.
is it real? could it be?
his fingers dip into a puddle
and close 'round the drumming thing.
he inspects his fortunate find...
gently shakes the droplets from,
and places it in his pocket.
thus begins his day again.

look at the happy man,
confident in his stride.
he seems to have everything...
swinging and whistling a tune.
he strolls through the rain,
somewhat out of place...
in a garden, on a sunny day?
his mind spills with color,
given life from inspiration.
his heart beats every melody...
breathing again...singing a song.
he has been given a rare gift,
which he handles with the greatest care.
for he has found his soul-mate...
she waits no longer, this i know.

the drumming thing would be my heart...
beating in his pocket.

I am so in love with you Danny!
YOU YOU YOU YOU STAIRWAY SCARE DAN, DARE WHO'S THERE??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 001019
relic dan dan the ice cream man 001115
nah....! dan is fucking hot. but he doesn't know me. fuck that. 011208
nah....! not only is dan hot and not only does dan not know me, but if dan knew me, i don't think he'd give a flying fuck.
now that's just sad.
carne de metal Leautenant DAN! 020216
meeshna dan daily keeps to himself, is easily embarrassed. the stage changes him. he sings with power and feeling. no one expects it, but theyre amazed. i love you dan. 020515
lorna you made me not be able to trust another guy since i was 16. i could never give myself away. i've always been on my own...and its all you're fault. you broke me and now as i'm finally putting the pieces back together you try to come back into my life. 090727
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