Arwyn Danny,
On the Blather_journey_book_participants_list you asked if anyone else was from the UK.. Well I am, although I'm going to school in the states.... just thought I'd let you know.. :)
silentbob not too close 020307
girl_jane Damn boys... 020310
Daria I know way too many of them.
Two main ones though.
Danny Sinclaire iz a real bitch.
I've never met anyone who lovd themselves so much.
Danny Valasqes doesn't even know I exist anymore.
Sorry, I just need someone to complain to.
silentbob oh its ok, the dannys of the world will one day unite and kill us all. we talk about this name quite a bit. So many words, so much to say, no way of really getting it out without something physical. thats why i wasn't the first person to blathe this word. 020312
DannyH That's a fuck of a bus ride Arwyn, how did that come about? 020312
Arwyn just happened.... 020312
silentbob danny says that he got caught up in how it used to be 020312
donaldson my danny happens to be a girl.

also known as dani, elle, ellie, duchess, schnook, and hot pants.

TK Red-G and Wills lil bro ^.^ 020518
blamethesky i see him every once in awhile in minneapolis at shows. i don't know if it's as awkward for him as it is for me. 020519
optic discretion tennis player who swears too much 020519
Kait one danny i know eats his apples whole: the core and all
and he twists off the stem while singing the abc's
to figure out the girl he will marry.
he has a jewfro
which I have always loved him for.
and he loves phish and string cheese incident
he hates the red spots
under his beard
which he has a a full one of.
even though he's just 15.
his brother is in college and has a shaved head.
because hes already balding.
and only has to shave above his lip.
you wouldnt realize they were related.
he's no fucking hippy...
oh wait he is.
he gives some great back massages.
damn i miss playing
Dungeons_and _Dragons
with him.
I was a dwarf named bimpnottin.
what's it to you?
who go