deb you say you don't know if...
and maybe i shouldn't but...
or, oh! i know, i could...

the idea creeps upon you,
before you have time to wonder when;
crawls within you, permeating every fiber,
leaving a thick residue trail of fear
in its wake

i'm scared, i admit;
-so much is riding here-
but if i never take that
monstorous step of faith
into the gorge between us,
how can i ever reach you?

just, be careful and i'll meet you halfway-

moonshine My moods are like slot machines and sometimes you hit the jackpot. 010122
harbinger i gambled away my gossamer wings
to a two horned toad
three coins was the cost,
later i found out
i was the
of debt.
piercedjenny I'm holding a coin in my hands... heads you win, tails you lose.
Do you really want it to be like this?
Besides, you never really lose, we'll always have each other.
Why do you have to love me that way?
casinoboyjaysen Everything you do in life is a gamble silly!
You gambled when you decided to embrace life without the chemicals you had made part of your existence.
You gambled when you said "I need help" not only for the 1st time, but even more so on the 5th.
You tempted fate by being my friend again after I gave that horrible-excuse-for-a-man your number out of spite.
You walk a fine line daily, gambling with your sobriety by hanging out with some of your friends.
You took a huge risk with your self-image yesterday when you ate McDonald's french fries for the first time in 2 years, and didn't stop to tell me about the fat content of each fry.
Why can't you gamble on how good we would be together?
Why can't you trust that it isn't a huge risk, that my love for you is real?
Why does it have to be heads or tails?
We could both win, you just have to stop seeing my love as a game.
piercedjenny Don't do this here.
Don't gamble with us.
Talk to me, not my computer screen.
Don't talk to me about gambling....
I gambled on the ability to keep all the "me"s rolled into one, to the outside world it is working.
I exude that I am only one.
I seem like all my pieces will not fall apart.
I have tempted fate far too long, and one day it will come up "black" when you think "red" and you'll realize I was never who you thought I was.
And then you'll realize

The house always wins.
blown cherry I put too much on,
too much for such a flimsy bet.
So when the floor took me for all I had,
I was crushed to the point of physical sickness.
I should have know that it was too great a risk to bet that much hope.
misstree go ahead, slinking darling,
take the chance, flip the coin,
and keep a wary eye on me.
pounce or purr? there are things
which shouldn't be done, there are
restitutions to be made;
i wonder if you can regognize a cusp?
it matters little; there will be an eventual fall, and i am prepackaged with proper cruelties; i only wonder if you will be up to the challenge i will throw...
what's it to you?
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