I am just plain mad, and you are going to make me feel better, mother fucker!
leslie The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston is a very good book. I know the name sounds all new agey, but it's not like that at all. It's a semifictional autobiography (?) about a Chinese-American girl. 990527
Jeff @ Newdream One who stands by the ones he or she loves. The one who makes a promise, fully intent on keeping it. One who would give one's life for the idea of another being his or her true love.

A noble concept, marred by reality.
lee A slim matador playing to the stands, He sets his black heel at my neck. He lifts his sword hand, empty in a
deep bow. A wolf on a moonless crossroads.
andy you dare to rest
my friend
and leave the fight
up to the rest?
lokkust warriors are funny 991110
elimeny A real warrior is has courage, has strength.
And strength and courage have nothing to do with pushing people away, and having steel defenses.
It's about knowing you will get hurt.
It's about knowing that if you don;t take the risk though, you will never be truly happy.
It's about getting pounded....and returning.
It's about getting slapped in the face...
And coming back for more.
It's about taking a deep breath....
And healing yourself.
It's all about resiliency.

So when you pull away from me, because you fear that inevitable hurt....
And you think you're a better man for it...
And you think you're strong...
Courageous even....
This is a warrior right here baby.
Because I take your slaps, and I come back for more.
This is strength and courage.
Because I am persistent,and honest with MYSELF.
You can lie to me all you want.
And you can run from me, if you feel you need to.
But hey, desperado, you can stride with the best....
But I'll always notice that limp.
You can't hide from me.
You want to be a man, you want to be a fighter, a loner.
But even wolves fall in love.
And your strength will never compare with mine.
I'm here....I'm waiting....
But I don't think I can wait forever...
But whatever it takes, I could take care of you.
And I want you back.
So there.
valis arjuna couldn't change what he was. he just wanted to know why. 991215
ferret I knew a warrior. He fought for justice and truth. He fought against prejudice, hatred, and ignorance. It was the fight that finally took his life. He always hated ignorant people. He did everything he could to get rid of prejudice. He was gay. That didn't stop him. It empowered him. He didn't care what other people thought about him. He just wanted everyone to stop hating. never use the word "fag". Or i'll hunt you down and maliciously destroy your face. 030416
ferret He kept an online journal. www.livejournal.com his name was bobthefeti. if you go and post something really stupid i will SERIOUSLY hurt you. 030416
DedManWalking Warrior, what is that, a person, an animal?, or is it merely a word to descirbe the inhuman ppl who kill to protect? warrior, i thought it took pride to be a warrior, but it takes a heart to be a human, what am i a warrior, or a human, i cannot decide until i decide then i guess i will be never ending, what am i? 030620
public image limited shrouds,
they have no pockets
god shooting at the walls of heartache, bang bang. 030620
Bloody Paladin ha, Minerva there seems to know her stuff...or seemed to have known it. But some people are above love. Too proud. And some people just dont love. Maybe they loved too much and ran out, maybe they just can't find anything to love. I knew a girl once, a fellow warrior, who found the beauty in everything. Once. 030804
hsgatincamail the peaceful warrior practices everything 040614
Kristopher I fight with a warrior's honor!! 040614
hsg i love warriors humbleness. 040914
ofsuch men, they like me
cuz i'm a warrior - a warrior
stand on my feet
dance the warrior - the warrior
where would i be
i'd be a warrior - a warrior

now the strangers have caught on
and they're riding in the backseat
the rivers gonna wash all
yea the river it spoke to me

told me i'm small
and i swallowed it down
if i make it at all
i'll make you want me
what's it to you?
who go