jennifer hmmm... I really have a distaste for those who use this and similar terms as derogatory (marc) 000602
silentbob its funny that people dont even realize they are gay bashing when they call something a 'fag.'
like...oh that band is a buncha fags! and they all have beautiful wives.
Grendel it's been my experience
that the worst gay-bashers/homophobes
are usually the biggest closet cases.

i've seen it before
jennifer I see it all the time 000604
moonshine I walked out of my work to use the pay phone today and posted on the pay phone was this quote"If you have a loved one whos gay, we can help them become normal again! We can get them a mate if needed. Your love one is worth the cost so call or come in to day! You will enjoy the blessings of family again!" Needless to say i ripped it off...ugh And the phone numbers below were for "gods gifted psychics" 000604
silent bob thats pretty messed up, moonshine. i dont like stories of counseling resulting in the changing of someones personality. "Dont worry, you dont have to be gay, ANY MORE!" thats a buncha bullshite. 000604
moonshine i agree =] 000604
sweetheart of the song tra bong They always accuse us of trying to convert other people to being gay. It's a conspiracy. We're out to take over the world.

Then how do you explain the aforementioned groups? Isn't that just straight people converting others to their way of life?
theotherdon It all depends on the usage. It is derogatory within and without the community, but it can be used with humour, mainly within the community. But it is a rare usage of good. Personally I am still offended by it, same as Queer. 010611
kinkazoid if i were to kiss a girl would that make me gay? im not saying that i did...im just wondering... ok fine i did but its not like it was for our own pleasure or anything, her boyfriend asked us to all the time so we finally did it. he said he had never been so hard in his life :) we felt pretty cool. then my boyfriend got mad at me and said im a lesbian...hes not mad anymore but i think he thinks im bi or something. i didnt enjoy it im not gonna do it all the time so i dont think it makes me bi, do you? 010611
j_blue a preference is not a rule

an act does not constitute a preference

everyone and their mother knows what they prefer... even if their friends don't
grendel anyone want to go out for one

i'm gonna have the biggest nicotine fit in a minute if i don't
nemo i dont smoke cigarettes/fags 010612
Persona what would you do if you found out your father had been cheating on your mom for 15 years? With a man named John? 010612
j_blue wow

but there are some who dont think that would constitute cheating

just some
Persona What would you do if, when he told you, he first said he would understand if you hated him?

Would you have forgiven him before he said another word?
scheherazade both to mean cigarette and derogatory for homosexual. the phrases "i'm going outside to have / having a fag" always tend to give me strange mind pictures. 010818
zero i use the word fag to describe many things. making me a homophobe? i think not. some people hypersense when their own insecurities involve them. lively up yourself..

j_blue if you use the word as a way of communicating a negative aspect of a thing... 010910
nanny IT'S OK TO BE GAY!!!

enough said.
marq I call myself a fag...is that wrong? Does that make me a homophobe? I'm gay...BIG FUCKING DEAL! I'm a fag...and damn proud of it...and jennifer is my FAIRY PRINCESS. I love you and miss you Jen. Colorado needs someone like you out here! 020610
silentbob haven't seen you in a while marq 020610
zeedub haha you you guys are fags all defending faggotry... thats sick. 021211
Kiwigirl Zeedub you dick. (dick is more offensive than fag. Fag is peachy sweet, a term of endearment). Kinkazoid buddy you need to re-thinkazoid your motives. Don't let the boys boss you round like that chick, it's fucked up. By all means get stuck into your fellow ladies IF YOU'RE INTO IT, and be proud of who you are, but please don't do SHIT just because some DICK forced you to. He needs a bite in the bollocks. 021211
zeedubs secret homo life -ile 021211
p2 short for fag(g)ot
not a good term to use

the original meaning of fagot is
a bundle of twigs, sticks, or branches
bound together
used as fire kindling

homosexuals were burned at the stake
much the same way
hence the label
kiwigirl But maybe its wivestales. By the campfire. Tail of wife, male of strife. z, Hello Homebooty.

Would you cry for the guy
phil bashing gay bashers with terms such as "closet case" is gay. 021212
Mr judges The supposed "fact" that anyone who hates gays, is themselves gay is merely an ingenious method of silencing opposition to gays. What better defense could a disliked and persecuted group come up with than to say "Anyone who is against us, is secretly one of us"? 030217
minnesota_chris that never made sense to me either. I've known plenty of happy, heterosexual fag haters. 030217
minnesota_chris hey why do I use this word? I hate this word. 030402
Saint hey sister, half of the people i knew who queer-bashed or talked shit about gay people when i was younger were hanging around in gay bars themselves when i was older.

i thought it was bullshit too, til i saw it for myself. And i know i'm not the only one with that story to tell either.

A youger guy i knew ran away from home when he was 17 because his dad beat him up and kicked him out of the house for "coming out". Five years later, his parents died in a car-crash and when he and his family were cleaning out the house to sell it, they came upon his dad's stash of gay porn books and wondered about his dad's "hunting" buddies.

I never said it was all of the queer-bashers, just a lot of you. I was guilty too. Putting on my macho-bullshit act to blend in when i was a kid so that nobody would suspect i was one of those people that they would just as soon beat to a pulp in a back alley. You still wouldn't know i was a fag just by looking at me, well at least not most of the time or even much at all lately.
p2 re: gay bashers as closet case homosexuals

i'm not saying it's always true
the possibility is not
a huge logical jump

a male with homosexual tendencies
taught from a very young age
that such tendencies are evil
will grow up repressing those feelings
but not simply repressing them
also feeling guilt, shame, and self-hatred
for having ever had them
these negative feelings are then transferred
to those who are openly gay
having struggled with their own repressed feelings
and reinforced by their upbringing
their hatred can go to extremes
thus making a latent homosexual
a gay basher

then again
some gay bashers
are simply gay bashers
out of ignorance
or religion
but then i'm being redundant
phil Subject: gay basher
Mission: disrupt gayness
Hypothesis: subject is gay

Subject: nazi haters
Mission: disrupt nazis
Hypothesis: subject is nazi

Subject: golf player
Mission: support golf
Hypothesis: subject is not golfer

Subject: tax collector
Mission: collect taxes
Hypothesis: subject bashes himself

abstract: just because the gay basher is himself gay does not make him a hypocrit or morally disfigured, who would know better than him to dislike it?
How could he be gay if he didn't want to be...

Fags sometime portrayed as bashing straight people, for being straight, does this mean some of these gays are not really gay? Is this possible?

conclusion: Gay bashers are antisimetic one minute and a nazi hater the next for a seperate agenda. See: steroids.
Glory Box I miss them. Want to hold my arms open and be hugged so tight by someone who smells so good. I love their drama. Warmth and flight and bright love. 030614
Glory Box Fag doesn't offend me. Call me fag, call me dyke. I'm too young to get technical. 030614
Kyle2 I don't like the word. I have been called it even though i'm not one. I am not anti-gay, or pro gay, I honestly don't care what you do in your personal life, its just that YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. I wish other people would understand that if the world was gay, and it was a new thing to be straight then they would be ridiculed, assaulted and portrayed as strange acting people. 030620
MyFigureFemale Nothing that describes homos, bothers me. Unless it is used to be derogatory. My good friends have lovingly nicknamed me Baby Dyke... I think it is a compliment 030701
Laura The injustice people show other human beings makes me ill.
When I look at the people who scream out
For no reason other to hurt someone else
I feel pity that they are so damn ignorant.
You can't blame it on the family they are raised by, because my parents are racists from way back and I am exactly the opposite.
I love people my friends, black, white, homo, hetero, not because of those categories, and not in spite of them either. The specific's don't matter.
Baby Dyke is a great person to spend time with because she embraces many aspects of different cultures.
I couldn't give a fuck is she fucks men or women.
MyFigureFemale Aww Laura is the greatest! *Gives her big internet hug :)* People often let fear control there lives and inhibit their living... Misunderstanding is a wretched thing... Knowledge IS a very powerful tool; people do not use enough 030702
somebody you can be gay and not want to be. not for any other reason than to just like the opposite sex. 030703
Aimee Short for faggot.... I recently found out why the term "faggot" is used when trying to attack homosexuals... Hitler coined it in WWII when he used them as kindling for the mass grave burnings... talk about something making your stomach turn... jesus. 030704
chafen your all fuckin wrong fags are a fuckin abomination to man and they should all go to fuckin hell.lesbians are cool though.dicks are for chics.you dont use your dick on someone that has one its just fuckin wrong 030707
Aimee I don't recall saying anything that would warrant such a response. I personally don't want to start any shit here. It's too much of a waste of time. I just pointed out a fact. I guess I just don't care if your that uncomfortable with yourself that you have to attack a minority grouping to feel better. All you get is my pity. 030708
Laura I don't like to use the word hate.
Because in the past it has caused such horrible events (a.k.a.-The Holocaust, the murder of Matthew Shepard)
But I can come close to saying that remarks like that of "chafen" make me ill and fuel an encompassing hate inside of me for people that hold double standards over homosexuals.
Sex between two women is on the same exact level as sex between two men. How can you approve one but not the other? You think G-d doesn't like that two men find happiness with each other? I think G-d is troubled more by one of his children making hurtful comments to another out of ignorance and stupidity. I don't understand people's problems. It's just love! What is everyone so afraid of?
bitch hahaha chafen doesn't know how to use his brain . . . wow logic. 031103
me wash all the modern," politically supplied" paint, or even "some of it" and you'll finda fag underneath. thanks homo queer bi tri sex or what ever u call yourselves, but we are taking all the beatings 4 you. you are helping to make this hatered! because u r cowrards.and the curse u deliver on us will visit your children for generations to come. 040103
smurfus rex me, shut the fuck up. you ain't gotta hate just you ain't his/her type, y'know? you'll find someone who loves you in spite of your personality...eventually. till then, have a coke and a smile! 040103
Rob I am taking it back,
relishing in the word
that had brought me to tears
screaming it
writing it in big block letters
across my forehead

I will never let a word
belittle who I am
what's it to you?
who go