phil I have just returned from my two hour walk, it is difficult to type and it is going slowly but fluidly, due to my stiffness which takes a long time to go away. It is 32 degrees (0c) I have been wearing shorts and a modest jacket, which I took off for the last 1/2 mile of the trek. I must say without it I would have died. I jumped in a puddle just to mock nature and am happily at home eating fried rice and chicken. If you ever want a full appreciation for fried rice and chicken, this is how you do it. I can feel every current of warmth. My ear burns completely.
I was happy at the start because luckily it was not windy. Halfway through I asked myself, wondering, if I had to could I walk back to the start and do it again... every car was a curse. Except this one, I think the driver must be a midget, or a family of midgets since their were two. Honda sii and Honda siii.
I met a skunk, made echoes, noticed my arms were numb, ran, and basically huddled myself together when the wind started; luckily after I was 3/4 of the way there.
Itching my leg, mostly burning sensations and freezing sensations and itchiness (mostly burning) it is like, er... friggin' weird.
phil NO wait, fried chicken and rice sucks, I would rather have macoroni and cheese. 031104
Deetectiff Chon Kimball I like nuked food. 040820
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