amy the psychic law guy lives in colorado- at least that's what i heard before this. but what i did not know is that he's also a mr. chemistry.

Grievance a place of many lonely myriad possiblities. I should know, i've lived there my whole life.

It has just about every climate that exists on earth, all wrapped up into the less populated earth.. though i still find it hard to breathe.
marq Even thought I find Colorado one of the most beautiful states I've ever been to. I can't help but feel excitement for my move. SAN FRANCISCO...HERE I COME! 020610
silentbob my phone company keeps calling them. i talk to a lot of angry coloradoans 020610
the hogfather this guy i know on chat lives there. he's moving soon though. 021215
Rhin i spent so many vacations snuggled up at my sister's/brother-in-law's lodge. i really miss them. 021216
kss that's where perri went

we were in love but she wanted to change schools. and so she went, and we tried to keep together, but things went bad and my heart broke and I don't know if I've been in love since then.

that seems stupid, because that was a LONG time ago. but it really hurt.
marq Thought I never made it out to SF...I love it here. I belong here. My friends want me to stay. I will never becoming back to Nebraska and I hope you know that honey. I love you. I miss you. Hope to see you soon. Naughty misses his Tenderlumpling!
smurfus rex I hope I never have to move from Denver. I, for one, think that CO is great. 040208
12512 go be my heart in colorado. 070422
judy collins there's a light in the window
and a place called home
dafremen In many other states, the cops take your blood, urine, breath sample..

In Colorado they take your pot..and let you walk.
what's it to you?
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