Matt lesbian or gay. 990625
Lamont the opposite of heterosexuality 990626
Benji do not breed.
my dead uncle.
some of my closest friends.
I miss him.
MollyGoLightly there's a fun dance club where i live. all the boys are so, so nice. they dress well, dance well, and don't ever try to cop a feel. 000323
confused everyone used to say homosexuality
was evil. evil. evil.
anyone who disagreed was persecuted.

now they say homosexuality is
good. good. good.
anyone who disagrees is persecuted.

have we actually got anywhere?
tao I let a gay boy sleep in my bed. His the best kisser, surely better then the rest. Sincere and platonic. Kiss me cheek hug me tight tell me i m the bestest friend he ever hath. Hes prettier then me. 000608
trippin bird my other best friend in high school was a gay guy

i was the first person he came out to.

once, at a party when we were pretty drunk, he kissed me in front of every one.

No tongue, though.

(i'm still not sure if that's a good or bad thing because even though i'm not particularly gay i'd actually rate it in the top 25 of all the kisses i've ever gotten)
sannyasi "homosexuality is the best cover an agent could hope for" 000609
john no worse sin than this
believe me
i speak from personal experience
steffie What does it matters?
It's the one being
steffie What does it matters?
It's the one being
MollyGoLightly antics in the kitchen:

he flirts with the cooks to get a rise out of them. everyone laughs, its all in good fun. well, everyone laughs but the sleepy-eyed man. he hates his job. he hates the boy who teases him. he threatens to beat him up.

and the boy thinks the sleepy-eyed man is hilarious. today by the drink machine, after the sleepy-eyed man stormed off, he turned to me--eyes sparkling--and said:

"remind me to tell you what he just said. it was the funniest thing."
indigo what is a wo/man??? 010118
green_tenedril the kids at school
always said that my father,
"the respected minister",
was a homosexual.
it wasn't his fault
that he was so effiminate.
his mother
dressed him as a girl
until he was 4 years old.
now i am a 22 yr. old woman
who loves men in drag.
go figure.
(so fragile is our youth.)
birdmad "it was worthwhile
living a laughable life
just to set my eyes
on the blistering sight
of the vicar in a tutu
he's not strange
he just wants
to live his life this way"

(no offense meant, but it's the first thing that came to mind)
startfires i watched a movie last night about these kids that were sent to straight is great camp because they were gay. it was adorable. girls should kiss each other allthetime. 010525
startfires oh i just realized what movie it is.
"But I'm a Cheerleader"
what a coincidence bobby was talking about it the next place i went too.
no i'm pushing an elephant up the stairs 020112
unhinged i hate that movie
"but i'm a cheerleader"
that was the night that i realized
my friendship with bobbi
was superficial and one-sided
at best
she had taken time out of her dating schedule with adrian to spend time with me
but the whole time she talked about "adrian adrian adrian...when me and adrian watched this movie together and it got to this part we just looked at each other"
that afternoon someone was very rude to me
and when the movie was over and she stopped talking about adrian
and i realized that everyone i wanted to be with had someone else
and everyone that wanted to be with me only wanted one thing
i started to cry
steady streaming silent tears
and she said
"did the movie really upset you that much?"
it wasn't the movie
you are just killing me
i put her through plenty of tests that night
and she failed every one
she never bothered to even touch me in sympathy
and when i passed over the bong
determined to make it through THIS pain
without weed
she was the one that egged me on
even though she hates weed so much (smirk)
and his hands all over her eventually had me give in
and i sat listening to a perfect circle
(which reminded me of other bad times)
and watching the muted inspiration channel
for her to hug me
or maybe even put her hand on my knee
or let me rest my head on her shoulder
but even then when she was so busy pretending to be homosexual
she would have rather had
the man's attention

sometimes girls are the best thing to dream about
and sometimes they are one hundred times worse
but they sure do sympathize better than men
and are much more soft to cuddle with
i enjoy very much my dual sexuality when with it comes love
but i haven't found that many times
that's why i think i resent being labeled under any kind of 'sex'uality
because i really don't want anything to do with sex most of the time
i just like to cuddle
carne de metal Had I been born a girl, my name would have been Angela. 020304
Clarence "Clyde" my mom wanted to call me Robbie. I would have loved that. Charlie would have been Charlotte. Chris, Chris 020327
freakizh its great.
every should choose their own way.

only in very rare cases i can see it is sorta egocentric thing or self-infatuation: its like kissing yourself.
somedaysam homosexual
my mom is a homosexual
i think i may be too
cause there's this girl
who i could love
when i first saw her
she was all barefoot and denim and tight green knapp's ford baseball t-shirt in the Subway parking lot
walking towards me like sunshine slipping across a sleepy lake
and I wanted to kiss her there
in front of the Subway and ChinaRose cafe and take her home and lay her under the stars in the backyard on a worn pink and white blanket and whisper
you could be the first girl i've ever loved or some cheesey line but really meant it sincerely
unhinged when her hair brushed against my arm as she rummaged around the backseat for something and our lips were inches apart, i felt the same way. i couldn't sleep that night because all i could think of was the strands of hair light my nerves on fire. me and her, we could have held each other. 020522
jackie "nevermind" mc cracken every line ends in rhyme
(i don't know why)
Mahayana two-spirit / two-spirited

"We believe there exists the spirits of both man and woman within. We look at ourselves as being very gifted. The Creator created very special beings when he created two-spirited people. He gave certain individuals two spirits. We're a special people, and that's been denided since contact with the Europeans....What heterosexuals achieve in marriage, we achieve within ourselves." --- Sue Beaver (Mohawk)

The status of the Two-Spirited person was valued in many Native communities, since an ordinary male sees the world through male eyes, and an ordinary female sees the world through female eyes. However, a Two-Spirited person (who posseses both a male and female spirit, regardlesss of the flesh that is worn) will always see further. For this reason, many Two-Spirit people have become Medicine people, leaders and intermediaries between men and women, and between tribal communities and non-Native people. Their greaer flexibility provides greater possibiliteis to discover alternative wasy of seeing oneself and the world.

What is distinctive about the use of "two-spirit" is that it has been deployed as a panhistorical as well as a pan tribal term.
The Gay Scientist Sorry to interrupt but...
anyone want a sandwich?
thea i don't know anyone who's out. and when i do meet someone who is, i get so bitterly embarrassed and they probably think i'm a homophobe. it's like meeting characters from your favorite book, y'know? i've hid from most people for so long that i don't know how to be honest. queer people scare me, even though i am too. 021013
freakizh i just remembered that we're the only "animal" that can actually choose who to fuck or what to fuck.

and still, either is it a society or a ridiculous dogma, someone/something is always trying to tie us to a weird absolutism of behavior, like if we weren't human enough to respond for our actions.. like if we never really got the right/the reason to choose at all.

are we going forwards or backwards?
Grace Keith

was more than just a
He was my cousin
was beautiful
was one of my first crushes

I found out he was "gay" when I was 14.
His life did not end gaily
I don't know that it was even so very 'gay' in between.
What a kind of queer word-
As if these folks must be happy "every day". An endless life of bliss..We've not see this..

Keith was just a person..
He had a dog
He was a wonderful writer
He wrote some bios on movie stars
He lived on Christopher Street
His apartment was small
Keith sang well
He played the guitar and at Folk City,too
Keith loaned me my first Simon & Garfunkel album..
I played it for a class project Senior year.

Thinking back..
I don't think there was one ugly or unpleasant thing about Keith!
He was the ring-bearer at my parents Wedding.
Keith was, in a way, the son my Father never had. He was my Father's God-son.
Keith was born in May,like my Mother.
I swear Keith was art,kind of..

Keith had a few chubby years as a teen
and awful sarcasm, like his alcoholic Dad. A misunderstood and pained man, his Father.

I think Keith may've worn the first Drew Cary glasses in '67, though I cannot say for sure..Keith was a somewhat hippie..back then.The Beatles..John Lennon..

Keiths books are still sold on Amazon

Keith was at all our family parties.
I always looked forward to seeing him.

His Mother is my Aunt.
My Father's Sister.

Why must senseless crusades go on on both sides political fences?!
Keith did not "choose" this..
Not directly.
Not exactly..
I never said the best life-style choice..can we PLEASE put away the big guns?

He had to go on Lithium when he found out from the Dr.
Suddenly he had mania and was buying too much.. it was not like him..

Keith understood the things I said and had to say.

No,I'm not gay.

I loved Keith anyway..

Keith gave me my first book of poetry. Emily Dickinson
And Pablo Neruda..
He signed them too..

Keith took me to see a band play at the Palladium in '75, or was it '76?

Keith liked Don McLean, back then..

Keith had dark hair
Like most of our family..
I'm seeing him now in my mind's eye..
It's not scarey..

Keith liked Annie Lennox..

And dressing well..
What's wrong with that?!

Keith felt I was the "only Christian" he agreed with or felt sincere..But I know there are many more of us. My Husband, being one. Just other folks caught up in fighting stereotypes about 'who we are' or aren't..

I know I must've had one dream that Keith was not my Cousin or a "homosexual", both.. so I could date Keith..In many ways, he was a wonderful role model of a man's fine qualities..

His voice was not fluttery or high or whiney..
He didn't wear feathers..
Or collect Judy Garland or Bette Midler music..
Not at all!

Can't recall a pink or flashy thing he wore.
I'm sorry you're gone..
Your Mom's not well now.
You know we're praying..

I'd be glad to carry that torch as family-writer/artist Keith..

Wish you were here to see it..


Last thing you said when I was 27 was that I was "just a kid".I guess I was..

Next to you, I guess I was..

November 8th was my head on collision in 2002. God and His Grace spared my life. Thank you God.Thank you Jesus. That's the day you kissed the blue..1992.. I hadn't realized 'til I saw my Mother's funeral card.

I was YOUR age THEN when this happened.
Whats with THAT?:)! Huh Keith-O?:)

Keith, Cristal, James..
We love you..

We will forget none of you..

Not one..

With Our Love,


P.S. Sins can have all kinds of glossy names. And we ALL have sin, and have sinned..

But people are just people..
Each individual

Try to understand..

I guess this sharing may not belong in this title at all..

Since Keith was so much more..

Than an idea of someones idea of what someone is or should be. Or could be..

But anyway,

Thats all.

Time to close the book..

I miss Keith
Thank you Keith
I love you Keith

It's ok now..
It's always been..
It's ok now..
Saint That was absolutely stunning. You are wonderful. 030430
Grace ~ *s

don't know what to say..

thank you..

(the eloquent timing of God on this kind compliment I am so truly greatful for though..no idea..)


Just remembering how to take compliments *s

(the *s is a smile :))
me no, nevermind, i have nothing to say. 030605
crimson Don't you wish you were asexual?
I know I do.
. . 030724
anon what a great post. thanks for reminding us all that there are people behind labels. 031118
noynat i love hairy men but i still cant admt that. im a man iin my 20s. what do i do? i sometimes think i should just not think about a closet or the words bisexual or gay, then im all set right? 040308
just another teen fuckup i know a guy who cried because he was gay
because he knew that now we could never be together
and he knew that would hurt me
i sat there, with my arm around him, wondering what i could say to make it better
poor guy
i was disappointed, but i want him to be happy
if hes gay then thats cool
doesnt bother me
other than the fact that when we hug i get a small pang of regret
for what can never be.
dr. tree hiding and denying causes nothing but internal strife. if you're going to be true to anyone in the world, be true to yourself. the rest can hang.

leave yourself open to any possibility. there are voices in your head which will tell you which way to go.
noynat the "voices in my head" are what ruin me. my conscience that is. I don't hear voices, luckily I am not insane.
They tell me not to be gay, but I am.
bite_me i lay with a gay guy on his bed
we talked
we hugged
we kissed (with tongue)
but im a girl
and hes a guy
and he said that we were just friends.
hes such a good kisser.
andru235 how is it
that you have nuclear weapons
and yet quibble over gay marriage

a strange planet, indeed

i prefered Cyridhom XIV

there, millions
i had friends and lovers

here, billions
yet i'm lonesome
andru235 i was out at fifteen
as of the date === a decade before

i find myself disliked by the others
except when they feel horny

i have other skills, too
but who cares!

still, i like them
and i will continue to smile upon them
from a great distance
awaiting reunion

will i wait for reunion
until the next planet?
camille a label someone decided to stick on someone... they didn't understand? 041227
later I am the author of that poem above, about Keith.

I wrote that and he was my cousin.

Despite all I said, participating in and promoting the "gay" "lifestyle" is still wrong, sinful and deadly.

Please see gay bashing.

God loves all, but your sin will find you out.

All have sinned, but, now your'e pushing yours on me and my family.

That's bad man..

P.S. No true sincere Catholic or Christian worth their salt will promote homosexuality or such "lifestyles".

gay bashing has some interesting and accurate reads on this,here..
oldephebe You really think asking for a less belligerant and persecutorial agenda/approach is some kinda of blazing parade down main street in favor of Sin? Any Sin?

C'mon man!
what's it to you?
who go