F r e a k Im surprised this word has yet to be blathed. What is your definition of sexuality anyway? 020528
unhinged to you it was just that many more people that you could fuck. to me it was you. that has always been the difference between me and you. and now smiles are crooked and slightly black and eyes are just as blind. maybe someday i'll grow out of it; out of you. til then, every time the room is graced with your painfully contrived dance of imagined maturity i remember what it felt like to hold you. i remember what it felt like when i wanted you to hold me but i wouldn't beg. i won't beg. and maybe someday love will be the bigger part of sexuality. 020528
F r e a k Websters dictionary: : the quality or state of being sexual: a : the condition of having sex b : sexual activity c : expression of sexual receptivity or interest especially when excessive

It still doesn't clarify wether sexuality is just the act of sex or just being sexual. Therefore I guess I will just have to decide my own definition.


I think sexuality isn't being sexually active. Sexuality is your person. Everyone has their own sexuality even if they are not having sex. It's their thoughts and feelings that make them thereselves.
Freak themselves* 020618
thea there is no such thing as orientation. 's what i believe. i know this girl who has a kid with her boyfrienda & is disgusted by all other guys. now, technically, she's bi. but she seems more gay to me. but if you're gay you're not supposed to like guys. and i felt so immature 'cos my preferences kept spinning around, and then i realized it doesn't matter what you call yourself. it matters whose hands you see before you fall asleep. it's not about what you are; it's about who you love. or something. i believe that one day we'll stop caring. until then i'll be bi, but it's not really quite what i am. i'm just me. 020820
girl_jane *good male friend/classmate-gay
*good female friend/classmate-bi but likes women more
*good female friend/ex-teacher/ex-director-gay and now 'married' to another outstanding woman
*uncle who happens to be my favorite uncle-gay

For a straight girl in a tiny town-
thea i'm sorry. but the favorite-uncle bit reminds me of that onion article about the stoner uncle who all the kids love, and then the thing at the end how they also like uncle steve, who "sings funny show tunes and bakes rhubarb pies, but he's always in san francisco with his roommate." i'm sorry. it was such a great article though.
maybe it's just me, but sometimes i get really mad at onion articles. almost to the point of crying. i think the writers get seriously pissed off at people sometimes, y'know?
like that one about how badly written suicide notes were and how they're going to have special programs for suicidal kids to help their grammar and spelling. so true.
emo Why is it that forever in this country there has been a double standard?

Women are supposed to be prudish, reserved, and viginistic. The women are the non sexual creatures.

Men are the sexual predators.


So much more fun to play with!

I just got my HOOD pierced.

I am dating two guys at once right now.
I met them both 8 months ago a week apart. I have talked to both since then equally and spent time. Matt and I haven't slept together, Only kissed. Joe and I have slept together.

Matt loves it(the piercing). Likes it. Thinks that it is sexy. He has not seen it or touched it yet.

JOe thinks that it is unpure. Hates it. Wants me to take it out. Refuses to go down on me untill its gone. Says that its tearing apart our relationship (among other problems). We still have sex. I still go down on him. But he won't touch or put his mouth on it.

What the fuck is that?
joda I am uninhibited in my OWN space. 030430
Le She never did anything with Arthur. That's what Hannah thought, she knew. But Hannah was wrong, so wrong. At least now she'd never have to see any of them ever again. But Nina... 040307
Forming Mind I love. I yearn. The conscience of sex of the opposing love finds nothing but a name given by soceity. To love, to be understood. We long, we hunt. To find is beauty, to want to engulf one in more than the beautiful words is hunger. Hunger of lust and love of sex. Sex that will be all that you contain and hope. Sexuality labeled by a soceity that needs boundries. 041212
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