Shallow Depths Reunion

I found you yesterday
Hidden under a veil of plastic hatred.
A bitter face;
Your feeble excuse for a disguise.

I held you
As a child embraces a lost doll.
You felt so cold, so rigid in my arms,
I thought you might have been dead.

I cried often
Those long months you spent hiding from me.
The sun was shining mercilessly,
Spewing scalding light.

Then you spoke,
I had not heard your voice for an eternity,
And you said that you were with me,
That you were a thousand times sorry.

And that all the time you had been screaming out
For me to find you.
Your unintentional invisibility
Had been a prison.

Then, together, we cried,
The silent tears crawled,
And formed an ocean,
Drowning suppressed fears.
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