Matt much like blathering. i like to ramble on about things like the homosexual goldfish not liking the dominatrix shaven poodles who roam the north side of the tree. not that that has anything to do with the thermonuclear device in my pants.

you get the idea
birdmad The alien meat loaf behind the wheel of the stolen oldsmobile 000507
paste! the galloping midget stops in the middle of the street, trying to unbutton his trousers for grandma. 010613
the brand new enemy lord i was born a ramblin man 010724
hathor Walking with an ambulatory rambling,
my words effect the pathways of your inner ear and you hear the secret whispers, not whispering, but screaming silently in the back of your mind.
reitoei have you ever mailed a bonzed artichoke to nicaragua froma six dimension rubber duckie? dont forget the toasters..... 011227
blueberry the stupidest things written in my 6th grade autograph book:

"Don't run with scissors" (Warren)

and my teacher who said I should be a supreme court justice.... ha

& what happens when you go to summer camp :

"How many times do I have to tell you not to put hamsters in the microwave?" (Taz)

... Oops?



Were you born to ramble?
Does the voice become stronger,
When it becomes quieter?
Are you listening to me,
With something that never really awoke?
Are you realizing that it's there?
Are you dreaming that maybe...
And hoping that it will go away?
It never will, but you will
You have to
You know
Who forces you to listen to yourself
Will force you to leave
And a thousand places will becomes ghosts
And you will beome a thousand places
And you are already a ghost
endless desire me.imsorry. 030706
robert plant I really got to 030706
redbury i'm afraid of ghosts 030706
what's it to you?
who go