moonshine I m not sorry I yelled at you today MR fishy. 000626
eveean from here to there, they always conquer. 000627
whirligirl the goldfish is dead.
i wasn't expecting a goldfish, and there wasn't any food. i gradually realized that i should go get food. and then when the fish wasn't moving much, i made it a priority, and fretted about the fish being dead before i got the food to it. i got the food, and i fed it and it livened up a bit, for awhile. but still, when i woke up this morning, the fish was dead. fish die fairly frequently, though, i think.
feed the world i hope you never have kids that depend on you for food. 001211
Casey The tasty snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off. 011007
*PUNK* Craigorio Im a goldfish enthusiast. I have a 30 gallon tank with a deformed black moor and a lionhead. They are both mature. I just recently built a pond in my backyard for my 12 feeder fish and his friends to live. He dissapeared the other day...dang cats. I will get my revenge... 011110
yummyC one snack thats OK to get hooked on!

~*{anytime, anywhere...}*~
Insat If they only have a two minute memory, why do they always know its feeding time? 030203
cube You'd have had to work pretty hard to kill a goldfish. There's nothing much hardier in the animal kingdom than carp...
joda Goldfish, in groups of one, three, or nine, contribute to the flow of positive chi. 030426
whitney i could eat them everyday and my mom says thats okay. 030505
sab the memory of a goldfish they say of me
although the 'fiend is a vet who says there is no way to test a goldfishies memory
and ani wrote a song called little_plastic_castle [which is a surpirse every time]
but i caught sight of the sun on my hair
in a shop window
and i have goldfish coloured hair
and i'm sure that cant be
what's it to you?
who go