ivy is a good thing.
ah, a nice-n-tasty froo-froo drinks or Alabama Slammers that will get you totally snockered before you even realize yer falling off a bar stool into the arms of some seedy 70s throw back and that there's something extremely bizarre about the inbreeding practices of you friendly bartenders...

oh wait, maybe it's better to drink alone - in the dark. listening to blaring music until the neighbors call the cops...

valis it makes me scatch my chin (at the very least) every time i think about the last time my friends and i got together without the benefit of some kind of mood altering substance. i honestly can't remember the last time. was it that long ago, or was it the booze? ... 000110
who me? YEAH! Gimmie booze I wanna get slaughtered. Mmmm, sweet solace of alchohol ;) 000120
nameless well I'm not even 14, I got sorta drunk like 2 weex ago and it was the greatest! I felt dizzy and stuff... but it wasn't that bad at all cause I just drank something like 2-3 glasses 000325
MollyGoLightly Liquor is when we're sitting around watching movies, trying to be charming, etc.

But booze--that comes later on into the night. No more charm. Past the point of dancing. Belligerant. Getting into fistfights on porches.
CinnamonGirl err I don't wanna remember the first time I got drunk....
and the last one was last friday, that got me a bf who I recently found out I don't even like
hmm drinking is not good for me
egolove ahhh. feeling better already... 010612
kingsuperspecial I drink a lot these days
but not because I'm celebrating.
PJ Kix i always drink and drive and i stay alive cause the 40-oz Warriors got my back and they will attack and you don't want that. 010710
black-dyed gel product I drink quite a good deal. I try my best not to drink alone, which is why I have quite a good deal of drinking stories. 010710
Norm I appreciate where ever this word came from. It's so much easier to say than alcohol or even any other name for alcohol, especialy when your drunk.

daxle Deciding not to drink anymore has been great. I don't debate whether to have a drink or end up drinking when I really shouldn't. If I wake up feeling less than awesome, it's not cause I drank. I feel better about myself for having the will power.
Deciding not to drink anymore has been horrible. It seems like everyone is always drinking around me and offering me drinks. It's harder to relax and enjoy myself at social events. I feel like I can't do what I want to do, can't be reckless.
But this is what I want to do. And I feel like it's time to get rid of the last vestiges of self-destruction. Kick out the last of my social crutches.
I don't think drinking is inherently bad or harmful, but I think that rarely is it innocent.
I think it will get easier as it becomes a habit.
A Poet Friend of MzzzzVzzzBzzz inside your grandmother's
attic-hidden millimeter replica
is a
perpendicular angle
filled with sawdust,

follow it to sunset's fading grin,
then turn inside-out
& do the hokey-pokey
as the judge taps a new well.

i'll be the speckled one
inside the foghorn trap
w/the reptile blizzard
& the obligatory blue cup
of booze.
oren boos

After his performance, there_were many boos.
unhinged gin

In_Bloom Just a little bit burns and teases for a deeper draught in order for a flavor to be tasted. Once flavor is detected and appreciated then of course there need to be some Valiums to keep it in check. So it begins and so it goes with less and less in check, hard won ground crumbling away at the edges enough for an illusion to stay in place that there can always be enough to build on and up. Again 100527
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