hahaha sucker! heh heh heh 000124
splinken does one spell frasier with an s or a z?

frazier as in joe. frasier as in the man with ali's fists imprinted in the softest parts of his head.

mo-hammed. cassius. as in "ain't no moun-tain high enough...", as in the king midas robe, as in red seeping through clenched teeth.
Barrett see: sifl_and_olly 000930
jen jen bo ben there's 24 born for every 1000 on average throughout the world 001213
florescent light - me

I was reading my Psychology Today magazine.
And it was a toss up - between ordering the Breeast Enhancer or the Fearless Conversation tapes.
I called right away and ordered the tapes.
I don't consider myself to be a stupid person,
but when I do things like this I start to wonder about the extent of my intellect.
Miner I can’t say no to those I like, that demand respect or are in need. The people in need of a chat, shoulder to cry on and helpful (hopefully) advice can control me as easily as those that are closest to me, or those that in my eyes have a right to give orders, and to expect them to be followed. No matter what is asked by them, I almost always attempt to provide, and even when it is at my own expense, they often receive at least my best attempt. Maybe that just makes me dutiful and a good friend, but considering I will often give out my all, in return for nothing, even to those that take advantage of this quality in me, I would have to say a sucker is what I so often am. 010429
x i should keep away from people like me 040121
pipers miner- you help people in need. you always give your 100% and then some, and don't impose on people for gratitude or respect. sucker? i think you rock. you have heart, and you give. muchas good karma comin' YOUR way. 040121
wanna fight. i hate people.
especialy weniers.
DannyH If you look around the table and can't see who the sucker is, it's you. 050608
. I'm a sucker........... and a licker, and a biter. 050609
what's it to you?
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