guitar_freak Okay New Years was brought in by loads of reefer and some liquor to sooth the soul. Now however I am feeling the effects of smoking every day for a long time and having the whole town suddenly run dry. My advice, if you are still hungover from drugs AND liquor don't take a bunch of pain killers. It will make you even more fucked up, but the headache will be gone... 010102
Tank you know it's bad when the easy listening hold music sounds poignant and meaningful... 010309
DannyH I can really enjoy a hangover. Taking long walks with your senses all heightened and the sense that you can feel the wind blowing right through you. Floating about like a ghost, delaying your first cigarette of the day because the tingling anticipation is more fun. The virtuous feeling of being battle scarred. Looking up at the tops of buildings instead of down at the pavement and noticing all the beauty that is up there being ignored. Catharsis. 010423
flo oooh hark at her
just for the record D, your hangovers do not count unless i give them to you.
so lets lay in some really good shit for mayday and see what upside down buildings really look like (or something).
flo oooh hark at her

lets find out how bad hangovers can really be this weekend.

one dose
two dose
three dose
lethal dose (yeah.....)
katie.k I don't believe in hangovers. 020108
Tim? Tangy-old-beer-taste mouth. The shits. Headache. Dry throat. SO FUCKING THIRSTY! 020108
phil Easy problem to fix. If you ever have been out drinking there is only one thing to do.
Ask yourself, do I feel like total shit already, even before going to bed?

if yes, take aspirin and drink some OJ

if no, go to sleep eventually..

EITHER yes or no get a glass of water, fill it to the brim with water, and set it cleverly nearby. The moment you wake up, drink the glass of water

WARNING slight reintoxication may occur
Have a nice big breakfast or whatever else, if it makes you happy, but the water is the only way. At the first sine of hangover, drink water.

BUT If you drank so much alchohol that your head hurts before you go to bed, or cannot overcome your hangover with glass and water trick, just medicate yourself heavily, and never drink that much again, you jack ass.
Call into work sick, you are dangerous.

You shouldn't feel shaky or vomity, this is a sign of illness, alchohol poisoning, either call a doc or crash.
User24 now I remember why I don't drink. 030606
User24 the brain cells I must have killed last night... ugh... 030606
carlita my cure...

two tylenol, advil, or whatever paid med you like

BIG glass of water


works for me every time
Magic Pie i hardly ever get proper hangovers, just feel slightly groggy. but the way i deal witht hem is to sleep till lunchtime, have a nice long hot shower, go downstairs and have something to eat and then get on with your life.
things not to do:
1. listen to loud rock music(i discovered this myself and it hurt)
2. go on the computer (it does your eyes in and gives you a splitting headache)
3. go skydiving (never tried this but i would imagine it would hurt you head)
nomatter head feels like i must have had some fun 031111
misstree fuck me running, i think my brain got put through some industrial grade machinery of indescribable purpose during the 2.5 hours i slept. sheeit. 031112
misstree booey fucking wum wum, eh?
suck my hairy ass.
and stop screaming.
it makes my head hurt.
misstree i feel it with him.
empathy's a bitch,
especially when
your own meat_machine
is chugging along a bit funny.
one more occasion
to be there for him, though,
and the weight of
his head on my shoulder
distracts me from
my own discrepancies.
j i have had bad hangovers but today was the worst. i've missed class before but today i had no option. kill me now before i do it myself 040419
minnesota_chris I was laughing to myself, after leaving misstree a message at 10 am Sunday, which to her, is 10 am late late Saturday night. 040420
jane why is it when i'm getting over a hangover i want to call my parents? i'm sick, take care of me! after a night of trying to be a mature adult (& acting like a fool) i end up in bed, wanting to be cradled in somebody's arms, i want somebody to take my temperature and give me ginger ale with a straw, i want somebody to hold my hair back and tell me it's okay. i haven't been hungover in a long time, and now i remember why i don't drink this much - because it makes me feel alone 050222
telluria sticky, tired, it hurts 060212
jane my liver hurts 070705
Question man i rarely get hungover unless i drink some bacardi 151. 070706
forsaken by a toaster clerbloinkula! ahahaha 070707
Margaret Cho "I love drugs, but I hate hangovers, and the hatred of the hangover wins by a landslide every time."
(weblog, 10-30-03)
pete my physical hangovers often carry a moral hangover, and today is no exception (though i didn't do anything too dumb last night, they just go hand in hand) 070802
pete moral hangover had a good reason. goddamn i can be an asshole. (i remembered the event, it was just viewed very differently from one of the people i'd never want to think of me like the asshole i can be) 070803
jane hungover 070803
past i barely moved yesterday. kitchen, bedroom, washroom, living room, rinse repeat. the world started aflame, every sound a cymbal, every beam of light a laser. slowly the night came back to me, and it filled me with joy. two significant events marked in boisterous, lush company, with life spilling over the edges of the city. we became the trees shading the patios with our good cheer. but one thing begets another, and the imbued cheer is repaid with creaking limbs and squinted eyes.

love is finding those people you'll celebrate with, and enjoy the pain it may bring.
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