lunatic rapture
boiling faster
message in a bottle reading like a destiny in the infinitude of tomorrow
scarecrows wandering aimlessly through the troubled winds, whispering to each other with secretive grins
morning glory rosebud of maroon
Pacofish They taught us the future
and I hollar harshly
if you tell your children
something is the devil they will believe you
but nostalgia lays supine
waiting for seam between
the present and the future
to split apart like a paper page
ripped from a history text.
tyler durden vanilla skys and apple pies,
tomorrow isn't real,
its just another story, told between 4th and 5th, we all huddle around the heater in the bathroom to share the one last gossip of the season.
when he kissed you and has that puppy dog face and begs you to stay, you know that he doesnt mean it. but you stay eventhough you know tomorrow is going to hurt. but it never comes.
Like the dance when the only thing you can feel is his hand on your hip, and his scruff itching your cheek. But thats all you wanted. thats all youve ever needed. Tomorrow will be different full of smiles and hugs hello and goodbye, but you never thought you might just once, for a half a milisecond cry, like youve never cried before.
Like when he calls you, he said he would, and what do u know he does... but its the last time. And you know it and he knows it but you want to deny it because it hurts to much to think it will never happen again and he only wanted you to stay because she wasnt home. Maybe they are all lies or maybe he really is in l o v e with you. Maybe its best you never know.
Like when she says he says were meant to be together, and then in a blink of an eye, we arnt... it seemed so simple, like it was never meant to happen so it didnt just like that. im stuck wondering what ever could have happened. Maybe its best if i never know. But i love him, i would die for him. And i will have him. Maybe i dont know who "him" is yet but Maybe its best that i dont.
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