yuri black
furry all over
a nose wetter and cuter
than any that came before
until Christmas my darling
Shugarhi I felt like killing myself last night. My neighbor's poor puppy just has nothing and no one. They leave her outside, with no shelter, no bedding of any sort. They give her a faded, dirty sock to play with along with an old hot dog wrapper. They leave her to defecate all over their back porch. She whines at night. Sometimes I talk to her. Looking at her last night made me realize how corrupt the world is and how much I hate it. 010511
sweetheart of the song tra bong I'm a puppy for your love.

If I had been born 30 years earlier I would have been one of those girls that puppy-followed my father around, liking his summer-brown skin and marathoner's body and Princeton sweatshirt. Liking how he was always in a hurry. Hating that redhead two states away, hating my redhead mother.
Kontrol You are going in my book miss Tra Bong. Incestuous thoughts - 2 black crosses. 010511
sweetheart of the song tra bong Hey, I'm from the South, what can I say....

What exactly do these black crosses mean anyway, dearest?
Kontrol They mean trouble for you my dear if you don't start behaving. Five black crosses in my_book means detention_after_school. 010511
*Ziima* I want a cuddly fuzzy rolly polly puppy. 010720
Kiana* I dont think anyone can put to word how much they really love their puppy. i know I cant 020328
silentbob "Hey there, strippling"
"My puppy's hungry! What do i do?"
"Why not try feeding it puppy food?"
"Oh great idea, faggot, why don't you sticka round and see the results?"
"I've got a date with the wind."
Syrope :) puppies are cute. dogs make me irritable.
puppy Love
Rolling Like puppies
Nuzzling, Whimpering
my face is fucked up today crisp_puppies 020329
continuous ache Rocky is getting a new puppy. another pit. this one's gonna be an all white [hopefully] male. i can't wait.

maybe i'll train him to protect me from Rocky.....
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