step breathe breathe step if you find yourself with the utmost purity and you strictly adhere to objectively realized truths, you are quite allowed to fashion your own. 040803
witchesrequiem This mortal body is nothing but a vessel. Carring us to our next life or lesson. 040804
. . 040805
I hope What if I decide that I do not want to live amongst the society of humanity?

Do I get to choose a different form?
pete drip. drip. drip. drip. still. still. still. still. noise. noise. noise. noise. silence..... 040806
Piso Mojado he said he was a vessel for chi, that enlightenment was within his reach. he would pull unsuspecting friends into his room, sneaking them away from the drunken amplified chatter of the drama kids in our living room, proving to them his great powers, how he could feel their energy.

he scribbled in green whiteboard marker the barest points of his great philosophy- the difference between man and woman outlined on the walls of our living room, hallway. the living-room became this oppressive cave of his manic thoughts, pounding down on me when he wasnt home.

he stopped eating, started tape recording his diatribes, talking talking talking.

he had a hint of violence just below the surface, nothing obvious, but obviously out of control. we found out later that he had many many thoughts of killing others.

it took me two weeks to convince him to go to the psych center. he went only to feed his ego, to outsmart the psychiatrist. they sent him home immediately. i thought he was going to come back and kill me. i couldnt sleep alone, and had two friends stay with me. This of course when we started the coke binging. This of course during finals week.
unhinged and suddenly this word has a strange look to it 090806
In_Bloom I don't mind being that which brings others together
Drink of my love and laughter
Heal under the glint of my eye
But don't be greedy or draught so sharply
Treat me well and gently that one day I will be held intact
As treasure for someone
three words rattled vessel star_of_the_west 110506
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