auto cross reference system What some people wish they could do on the roof during their lunch hour.

See sabbie.
me addict 021217
me some one super imposed an addict on this addiction of perching at the school during lunch hour 021217
minnesota_chris Them are good eatin'. 021218
(_) along skin raised, relief
map of pain, lies
so many everythings
if i would just open my eyes
to see your heart, not just your face
along my leg, scar-crossed
with scarlet lace
no memories lost,
no right to complain
of body lost i never had
tears want to come like rain.
for not letting you be sad.
everything and nothing just a syllable apart,
please let them be.
so easy
to break my heart,
if there was one not shattered,
and remade with all new cries heard.
if only scars stayed
there would be nothing left but wings
on which to fly away
leaving no apologies.
maybe the best thing, for today.
what's it to you?
who go