moonshine Theres muscial content in language. 010121
misstree This is it. Right here.
Where worlds and words and meangings swirl and blur and confuse.
And at the pinnacle,
You see it all.
god artificial knee is what i make
demand is high
so i hired a bunch of guys
when i am done at the end of the day
i always get out-bid on e-fuckin' bay
Luz Lets be perfectly plain. We speak the same language.
We can know whats happening when we see it if we pay attention. Likewise, our bodies work in generally the same way.
Free will is where the tower begins. We don't have to pay attention, and when we all don't pay attention, nothing makes sense.
The tower of power! Ever noticed how far off the ground we are? How easily we are confusing our words with our egos? I think this is the point where some people observe that we are just monkeys hooting and calling. But at the moment of truth our behavior becomes diasporic. Multitudinous variation multiplies us exponentially. Our words pour forth prodigiously, directing our gaze this way and that, rhythmically manipulating the very ethers until attention is attained. Often words serve us much better than the truth. But if we believe them, we may let them carry us awayto where
Nothing makes sense
god i like to dance without no pants
i do a dance to control the ants
paste! artificial toast is what i burn
the jam is pissed
so i throw it and miss
when i am up to here with the answer
i always ask the roast_beef_panther
silentbob when i read about the tower_of_babel in the bible, i got angry.
talk about hostility issues.
Casey Did you get angry at God or at the people building the tower? 020403
silentbob the people writing the bible, casey. 020403
andru235 from_the_shelves_of_the_library_of_babel 051116
z see: babylon 051116
phil By sin in the blood and company they will be initial unfavorably by the sin of this peace and one is in charge towards the end of the humanity 060420
jordie I'd like to see the libraries.

Immense, dusty things filled with secrets. Knowledge.

I'd like that with some Starbucks.
what's it to you?
who go