kerry today was the first day of sophomore year. a popular girl hugged me. why?
i see all these people i idolize. i shouldn't idolize people in the first place, i know.
Russell: shaggy hair, goatee, elvish look, skinny ties and suspenders every day. he was a gangster in the junior stunt night last year. he was marvelous and he is an artist. i used to watch him from across the cafeteria at lunch last year.
Casey: redhead. thrift store clothes, freckles, droopy eyes. huge junkie but he is sexy, *yes.* he is. in my photography class. and i imagined him kissing me in the darkroom and i had to close my eyes and put my head down.
Victor: see highschool_heroes

i dont know what i expect to happen this year. there are no new people and no one else i have a desire to be friends with except the three boys listed above. johanna i never see. jackie and i find each other after school and try to bum a ride home. i need someone to kiss me in a darkroom or walk with me taking photographs.
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