squillo pudding suitcase 020221
Casey She packed for Des Moines today, she didn't say goodbye, and that will make missing her even more harsh. 020221
unhinged cigarettes


i am always prepared for the sudden emergency. i was walking past our old smoking spot on campus and realized i had all the components to a good time in my pockets. i almost stopped but it was the middle of the afternoon. i'm not ready to make that kind of commitment.
DavesHeroinGirl Finally, I am. And I sit here, and I'll hear his voice tonight and I know that regardless of where I am leaving and regardless of where I end up, it will be so right. 030301
pSyche and then you left.

you and your brown carpet bag, sitting on the curb.. a small, seemingly insignificant moment in the passing of the world.
Syrope it would be silly to pack without knowing where you'll be going.

FUCK OFF depends if you are a frigging to tortoise or not. 080518
what's it to you?
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