paste! mine is full of mimes holding mine detectors.

they look so traumatized.

they think that iron exists in the decaying strutters.

a piece of chalk is stumped by the equation. the locksmith drops dead. a moth gets swept up by turning fumes. all of the steps become flat.

i give my suitcase to a farmer
because he walks around saying
"fuck my religion
that dance has done me no good."
andru235 the lawyer sat took some papers from his suitcase and asked his client, "so, what's the case for this suit?" 050725
panicaitlin mine is pink with white trim. quite attractive. flirtatious. catches eyes from airport employees across America. 060603
In_Bloom Come on out from under the bed now
Let me un zip you, rummage your pockets and linings
Inhaling the scent of where we were last
I recall...
So much
Too short, not yet in submission
So full
So eager
Bag- you taunt me
what's it to you?
who go