Doar bring your own tableware. 031217
misstree "every meal is a feast."
-lemon_soda, transforming just about any food item to a cherished source of nutrients and tastiness.
stork daddy when you starve yourself. it's true. 031217
.fallen Somebody great once stated that Paradise and Hell only differ in one simple way.

We are all on a ship, sitting at a table with the most wonderful feast laid out before us.

We have no use of our hands.

The difference is here and here alone, at one table or one side of the table you go hungry, can't seem to get at the tasty delights, some struggle some just sit yearning, at the other table or other side of the table everybody is feasting because they are feeding each other.

Such interestng implications and the exploration of the first option is definately a learning experience especially if you have already enjoyed the benefits of the second and remember that it once worked out oh so well.
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