typhoid something i doubt i'll ever contemplate 000221
velvet spasm nope 010430
lost a thing i wish i never learned how to make. i learned how to make them from my 7th grade P.E. teacher. one thy and i were looking in the jumprope box and we found a jump rope that was made into a noose and my teacher taught us how to make them. if i never learned how then i wouldnt have tried to kill myself with one. how stupid teachers are sometimes. he definetly taught me the wrong thing 010621
unhinged that's kinda scary....that is stupid. why would you teach a teenager how to make a noose anyways? 010622
baby satan get loose. shake it. do the sparrow shuffle. 010622
black joker Noose

Here I am in another aimless day
Winding my way through the mist and the dark
Searching for the faith that made me once
Just wish she could know
The more I care the more I wonder
Wether or not I should linger
On the knifes edge
Sadness one way and the next
Or should I leave and save my heart again
From a severing feeling called love
zb.octopus an eater of poets and other undesirables we're better off without them
Now we just need the kykes and niggers to jump in too :)
Sammy Davis Jr. after you 040323
jane ooh that song pretty_noose by soundgarden 040323
unhinged the_noose by apc 040323
tchiseen the noose is formed from a simple slip knot, a very handy knot to know. i know it but im not retarded enough to try and kill myself just because i know how to tie a knot. i also know how to draw a bath and how to plug in a toaster, should my mother and father be reprimanded for teaching me how to kill myself?
like they say, guns dont kill people, it just makes it easier (and more efficient)
if you're retarded enough to try and kill yourself and didnt know how to tie knots, you'd just use a fuckin butter knife or somthing
minnesota_chris it'd be pretty hard to kill someone with a butter knife. And if a guy is a hood, I feel better with him holding a butter knife than a revolver. 040503
aM i DiStUrBeD? Jane, who's soundgarden? They ne gd? i got their song, well lyrics, they sound cool. Anywayz, tell me what you think!

Common ruse dirty face
Pretty noose is pretty hate
And I don't like
What you got me hanging from
sameolme Somehow I'm always "outta the loop." 040805
uow moose 040805
demetris ever tightening 040805
unhinged pretty_noose 040806
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