splash of orange guitar_solos

step step step stride step stride upward up up up, spiral up up and into when you weave it weave it and construct it so no one else can touch it up there up there up there upthereupthere now climb climb climb some more and erupt into the clouds, your clouds they're yours only yours i swear you're the king of them all them all them all, all of them baby how do you rise so high baby how do you fuckin soar like that, like it matters, it matters when you do it when you when you when you when it's only you it's all you let me up there every time i wanna escalate like that, every time i wanna squeeze myself between the notes and the chords and the strings and you and you and you and you and dream and rise and spin and love you man oh man oh man, you twirl the thunderclapping sky into a tornado of sunbursting sweetness and i only fall when
your arms and wrists and fingers
van halen
yeah, we'll get higher and higher, straight up we'll climb
higher and higher, leave it all behind
oh, we'll get higher and higher, who knows what we'll find
morphine. ohmeohfuckinmy

ill never stop moving
scaling up

for you
god reach way up there for a real high note 030621
uow i had to climb a steep hill many times in my dream this morning
it was exhausting
god up the hill backwards it'll be alright... 040918
what's it to you?
who go