sage not me, i don't think. 980827
yellow: why deny it? 980903
dallas me, I think. I want to be skinny. 980916
emma everybody wants to be skinny. i'm not the least bit diety though. I hate those fucking shakes, and pills, and exercises. 981006
emma again Hey wait - Dallas - but you are skinny! 981015
old hick Steve wanted to go on a diet. Not one of those newfangled fad diets, but one that he made up entirely on his own. Keep in mind that he didn't do any research into nutrition or anything else for that matter. Six days a week he would deprive himself, eating nothing but salads and drinking nothing but water. And just as the lord rested on the seventh day, so would Steve, in emulation of his savior. The seventh day of the week would be Steve's day to give in to all his earthly desires; the seventh day of the week would be cheese day. I went to a pizza buffet with Steve on this most holy of holy sabbaths. He had only one thing to say afterward. "Too much cheese for Steve."
Despite the pain of the cheese buffet, it wasn't long before the six days of salad became five days, making room for the new holiday, fried potato day. Then of course Steve created fried potato and cheese day, because it just didn't seem right to eat french fries and cheese but not together. In this fashion, Steve slowly returned to his old diet one day at a time until everyday was fried potato and cheese day with soft drinks and four hours of video games. (for more description of Steve, see "smile")
Sexxy Jessy I don't know what you are all on, But you have just read the words of the DIETY herself.

*stands tall before you*

I have been named the DIETY (yes in all caps) and so I shall be, now bow down and praise me. And while you're there......*grins impishly*

I'll leave that to your minds to figure out.
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