kyvin I wish I could be a rebel, I want to make my stand and say "Hey! I'm not taking this shit!" I wish I had the inner strength to believe in myself enough to stand up against something I feel strongly against and then the courage to act upon it...

Plus I want a bike and a tattoo-But that's completly unrealated
Giga Phairy 'With a rebel yell she cried "more! more! more!"' 000719
Brad having been born and raised in the not-so-deep south and having spent two years in the very deep south, this word conjures up inevitable images of gun-rack confederate flag toting rednecks waxing wistful about the 'good ole days.' This is even more humorous when they never experienced the days of which they speak, i.e. they are younger than me. What's worse is that these people actually believe they are justified in pretending they are actually superior to someone just because of their ethnic origin. Racism results from insecurity.... nothing less. 000719
splinken she always does what is expected of her, and this is what we expect:

tattoos, dirty sex amid rolling papers and electronic music, filthy words, blazing make-up (blazing rockstar, not blazing-blatant-slut), circles around the eyes.

the more i see of her, the more i realize that she is an archetype, not a person. and while i think that people who cast their personalities aside to play with roles and ideas are intriguing as hell, i just can't get too interested in her. we get alone, and i have nothing to say. she is accesible to everyone but me, because i can't listen to her without becoming bored or anxious.

she slapped me on the ass one day after she'd heard some rumors about me--everything said to me after that had a flirtatious feel to it. but only because boys were watching. she's a straight girl, has it written all over her--she was only playing with an idea.

mascara, blue eyeliner, (or red--she is an avid reader of vogue, i believe), cocaine, rockstar worship: all these things should make me want to be her friend. only i don't.

i love the feeling that you know you're rebelling
by being just like every one of your friends
by being just like everybody else.

Thats true rebellion, and i'm all for it.

When i rebelled, in that small horror they call a 'town' there wasn't many on the road i chose. (That sounds pretentious, and i didnt mean it to be. There just wasnt many on ANY road.) Now there are legions of rebels, everywhere, and most of them are still children.

Surely i cant be that old at 24?

Or maybe i'm just cynical because i havent had breakfast.
iheartjesus jesus was a rebel.

just because he doesn't do what everybody else does,
that's no reason why we can't share a love

divine explosions of justice
eklektic "rebel prince" - rufus wainwright

where is my master the rebel prince who will shut all of these windows
its these windows all around me
its these windows who are telling me to rid my dirty mind of all its preciousness
where is my master the rebel prince
bet breaking everything trying to get to me
in this two-bit hotel just to me before the windowsill
does rid my dirty mind of all its preciousness
oh i can see him now though its so far away amongst the roving crowd
going the other way
confounded anger burning with love for me
ou est mon maitre le prince rebelle
qui va fermer toutes ces fenetres
ce sont ces fenetres autour de moi
ce sont ces fenetres qui m'appellent, qui m'appellent
marigold, marigold, marigold
i'm leaving the roosevelt hotel
marigold, marigold, marigold
i'm leaving the room we knew so well
marigold, marigold, marigold
marigold, marigold, marigold
marigold, marigold, marigold
marigold, marigold, marigold
im not a rockstar someone always throws that name into the mix and blows it all to shit 040307
. . 060106
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