proffesor fart i'm sorry i have the wrong nimber, i nean number. 011215
paste! once the ignition goes all over the shack of seven bicycles, there will be fire. and the fire will be there. --honesty, a plump beg-o-tron-- meters and the shady graceless will triumph. 011216
silentbob You put the stacey into exstacy 011217
ever dumbening what nah....! is to her former boyfriends. 011217
Miffey A side effect of the drug that no one ever told me about : I'll never again find an antiperspirant that actually works. 020113
josie once you pop, you can't stop. 020302
reitoei ever hear that "ester-c" ad with larry king over a bad radio ? it really sounds like hes saying ecsacty. "i take ecstasy every day..." well. does CNN know about your drug problem? I always have these caffine mints called XTZ mints. 020303
wahine I'm so glad I made you happy
you know that's
my goal my joy my hobby my love my life
and you'll never undertand.
The words you wrote to me...they were ecstacy, I could tell.
Stream of emotion, not knowing what to say but wanting to say
For a breath, you felt
love and life and I made that for you.
It's all for you
take it
don't ask why
just wrap yourself in it
and say that I am still
the sunshine in your life!
La La La Bomba i like to take my ecstcy with grape juice 020523
lo set me off balance...was really good and wonderful for a while till one day i found myself in a three day long crisis where i was afraid of EVERYTHING. everything meaning moving at all unless there was a five minute complete freeze inbetween. fucking frightening. it snapped somthing in my head that day.stupid me years later thought it would be different...wasn' sent me into a manic frenzy.. i don't condemn it though i don't recomend it 020523
blather spell check is how its spelt, you stupid fucks 020524
GIMMEaLIGHTshow LOVE, Light, Touch, Feel, Dance, Spin, Laugh, LOVE, Float, Tingle, Taste, Blue, Green, LOVE, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, LOVE, ECSTACY!! 040728
Hajera the word= anorexia
the pill= not even close.
x twisted x Take all away from me--
but leave me ecstacy...
-Emily Dickinson
eklektic put holes in my head. one 2 many raves. 070105
Pazma Serotonin pill
Chemical Well-being
All day depression session
human traffic you say? 5htp = pill heads sans comedown!

yep thats right folks
5htp pills help your brain to renew its supply of seratonin after you gurned your way through it all.
ergo, there is little/no comedown
only a comfortable silence in which you can sleep.

that's right jip! from 'you can never sleep' it is now the age of the chemical generation.


as a good friend of mine once said

let's get up and let's get ill!
what's it to you?
who go